The Best Styled Stock Photos for Your Online Business!

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The Best Styled Stock Photos for Your Online Business!

Use Styled Stock Photos to Your Advantage!

Good job! You’ve taken the time to focus on your business ideas and products (or posts if your business is a blog), and now you’re ready to launch! 

But are you? Something’s missing…

Brand personality!!

As an Online Business in a sea of literally THOUSANDS of other Online Businesses, it’s SO important to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Other than offering the best products or services around (which you’re already doing), one of the easiest ways to stand out as a business is to streamline your Business Branding. 

It’s really important to define your Business Branding early on as you want every aspect of your brand to be as cohesive as possible. 

A super easy way to quickly build your Business Branding is by using Styled Stock Photos! By adopting Styled Stock Photos and adding your unique brand colors/fonts/etc. you can easily establish your business as a cohesive brand!

But where can I find the best Styled Stock Photos? Aren’t there rules I have to follow?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start with the basics.

What Are Styled Stock Photos?

You’ve heard of stock photos before, but what’s the difference?

Styled Stock Photos are photographs that have been carefully designed and produced specifically for business marketing.

Styled Stock Photographers tend to target digital entrepreneurs such as Graphic Designers, Bloggers, and Online Business Owners. 

Styled Stock Photos have a purpose and a message to convey instead of just offering a collection of random images.

For example, Styled Stock Photos directed toward Wedding Planners would be sure to include flowers, rings, destinations, and a more feminine feel, while an emphasis on technology  would include computers, natural tones with metallic elements, and office attire/supplies.  

You’ll be pleased to know there is a Styled Stock Photographer for everyone’s taste! Everyone has their own unique style so be sure to do your research before settling on one!

There are three popular types of Styled Stock Photography in the online space currently: Flat lays, Lifestyle and Mockups.

Flat lays are photos taken from above of scattered objects that make sense in unity. 

These tend to be the favorite of Foodies and Fashion Bloggers as they tend to look cleaner and show off those types of products more effectively.

Mockups are often better for businesses that sell products as they are simple stock photos that leave gaps for you to input your own product images.

Lifestyle images are just what they seem.  With the need these days for beautiful Social Media feeds, they styled stock photos give you the ability to do just that from an every day perspective!

Pretty cool, huh?

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Why Styled Stock Photos Are So Awesome!

There are a TON of ways to use Styled Stock Photos to your advantage! Here are just a few options:

  1. Blog Post feature images (on your site and to promote on Pinterest as an awesome pinnable graphic)
  2. Announce a sale/promo going on at your shop
  3. Promote your products on Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.
  4. Email Marketing
  5. To up your Social Media Game like Instagram.
  6. Saves you TIME instead of going out and taking your own photos, editing, and optimizing them each time you create a post – ESPECIALLY if you’re a solo entrepreneur – who has the time when you have all those emails to answer and products to create?!
  7. Shows off your unique Brand’s style

Styled Stock Photos are a great option if you’ve just set up your business and are establishing your brand. Using them in your branding is the easiest way to create cohesiveness across all platforms.

Styled Stock Photos are created to be eye-catching and clean. More people will want to visit your site if your images are consistently professional and on-brand.

How To Brand Styled Stock Photos

When setting up your Business Branding, really consider your content and the impression you want to establish for yourself.

What do your styled stock photos say about you?

If you’re a yoga studio, you probably want to market yourself as a calm environment focused on mental wellness. In this case, you would choose Styled Stock Photos that focus more on earthy elements and calm imagery.

This is obviously different to the approach an Empowerment Coach would take.

No matter the business, you need to carefully plan out your branding: colors, font, images, etc. This all starts with asking yourself some important questions: Who do I want my business to reach? What would my audience be drawn to? Am I sending the right message?

If you’re super proactive, you can even research what psychological effects different colors have. Like how a lot of Emergency Companies opt for red as it’s a dominant color and is associated with danger. 

You really don’t have to dig that deep though, just pick a color that speaks to your brand goals and desired fan base.

Perfectly branded graphics will draw in your ideal customer market (i.e. female entrepreneurs with bright graphics, rosy colors, flowers, cosmetics, etc. or male entrepreneurs with darker tones, digital products, button up shirts, steel elements etc.) (Important to note: This is obviously not true for everyone, just as an example!)

Make sure you choose branding that you can stick to! Nothing throws off customers like suddenly changing your branding overnight!

Styled Stock Photos have been expertly used on this website to attract a female audience.

See? Branding doesn’t have to stress you out, it just takes some thought and planning!

The Best Places to Get Styled Stock Photos!

Your Lady Boss Studio Membership!


We have recently just launched 2 packs of our very own Styled Stock Images!

Proper Branding is something that we have always been super passionate about (duh, we sell BRANDING templates), so we’re really excited to introduce this new feature for Lady Boss Studio!

All you need to access these carefully styled photographs (65 of them!) is your Lady Boss Studio Membership! That’s it!

And be sure to keep a lookout! There’s a lot more goodness coming soon!


Styled Stock Society:

If you take a look at my site and then go over to Styled Stock Society, it’s obvious that I am a HUGE fan of their Styled Stock Photography.

They have a beautiful feminine vibe that works so well with my brand style.

It’s super easy to find your perfect branding as you can browse their library by color or collection, which is awesome for those who are just starting their branding journey or for  those who have been doing it for years! 

If you’ve only established your brand colors, start by browsing the color categories to get some further inspiration! If this isn’t your first branding rodeo, try browsing by collection!

With new high-res images added each month to their already majorly stocked membership library (over 2,500 images!!), I can always count on Styled Stock Society to keep my branding looking perfect!


Haute Stock:

I love Haute Stock. They create their Styled Stock Photos with the Female Entrepreneur in mind which I’m obviously all about! 

As with many Styled Stock Photography Memberships, they introduce seasonal collections to keep your branding fresh all year long! 

The awesome thing about membership with Haute Stock is that they upload new photo packs each week so you can never run out of beautiful choices for your brand! 

Super stylish, high-res images with a huge range of categories for every online business?



SC Stockshop:

If a Styled Stock Photo company has been used by Vogue Wedding, Ipsy Beauty and Lauren Conrad, you know it’s gotta be stunning.

SC Stockshop is the ultimate premium site for those looking for a really high-end look for their business. 

As with other Styled Stock Photography companies, SC Stockshop is regularly adding new images to their membership library to keep your branding current. 

So if you want an expensive feel to your business, look no further than their endlessly chic options!


Kate Max Stock:

Kate Max is the Queen of Modern Styled Stock Photography – think minimalistic with crisp imagery, lots of white and pops of simple greenery.

She is always introducing new and current collections such as “Work from Bed” and “Athleisure Lifestyle” for every type of business. 

Her collections are more neutral in tone and feature a healthy dose of white marble to keep with her Modern vibe. 

Stock by Jewels:

If you are looking for bold and beautiful stock photos, you need to check out Stock by Jewels! 

Stock by Jewels is a dedicated stock photography membership for REAL female entrepreneurs in their 40s and beyond that gives you easy access to all the chic, designer stock images you need that represent you and help you level up your brand. So perfect, right!?!

Photos are added every week – with 100+ per month.

And best of all, Stock by Jewels photos are added to our Membership each month!

Important To Note: Legality

I don’t want to be a Debby Downer, but everywhere has rules for Terms of Use.

“Free” doesn’t necessarily give you permission to edit the image or reproduce it – ALWAYS read the full terms of use to understand the limits.

Make sure to give credit where credit is due! And make sure you actually credit the right photographer – just because you got it from someone doesn’t mean that they took the photo.

For example, Styled Stock Society requires users to credit the photographer when using free images, while usage of any of the paid images do not require such credit.

Legality can get confusing so please please please do your research and follow the correct Terms of Use!

I hope this helped you understand Styled Stock Photography and what it can do for your business!

Remember, the possibilities of uses for Styled Stock Photography are endless! Just get creative and keep your brand values and audience in mind!

Happy Business Branding!

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