Creating a successful business you love doesn’t have to be impossible, especially when you work with someone who’s actually done it!

The "Sales on Repeat" 1/2 Day Intensive

Your opportunity to work 1-1 with Tasha!

Looking to finally have an effortless plan in place for creating consistent income in your business?

If you’re a service provider, coach or consultant that’s looking to offer more than 1-1 services, then this is right for you!

You’ll finish the day with a solid sales plan that doesn’t add more work to your plate.  So you can welcome in the consistent income and also have a scalable plan in place to grow your business for years on out.

This isn’t a quick fix, this is a whole new (and easier) way of running your business and making money 365 days a year.

Investment: $1,497


Sales on Repeat

6 Week Group Coaching Program

You’re tired of putting your work before everything else, missing time with your kids and feeling like you’re getting no where.

You’re constantly second guessing your programs and courses, what you should post on Social Media and why no one is buying.

You’re on the hamster wheel of product and content creation, you’re burned out and there’s no end in sight.

Are you ready to be done with doing things the hard way?

The 90-Day Private Coaching

This is the only offer we currently have where you can sign up for personalized coaching in addition to everything we offer in membership.

You’ll have Monday to Friday Email Access – where you can ask questions, get feedback, get coaching, and pick my brain on what you’re working on.

Then you’ll also have 6 bi-weekly 1-hour Coaching Calls to set you up for success and make sure you stay on track!

You can use this time to get help with strategy, editing your WordPress Website, developing your business sales funnel,  creating your lead magnet, etc…

$997/month for 3 months.

Value $10,000