Let's get your show on the road!

I’m thrilled that you are looking to up your brand and website game and you have come to the right place!  Listen, I’ve been in your shoes, your head is probably spinning with ideas and you NEED a plan!

We’ve got the process all setup and ready to go. We want you to worry about growing your business not wasting time on trying to figure out how to create a cohesive brand and website.  The longer you wait to make this happen, the more money you are throwing our the door with wasted opportunity.

It’s time for you to focus on what matters and let us do the rest!

Brand Design

Web Design

Brand + Web Combo


Lady Boss Brand Design

  • Mood Board
  • Color Palette
  • Font Selections (May include Premium Fonts)
  • 1 Main Logo (Chosen from 6 initial concepts)
  • 1 Alternate Logo
  • 1 Submark Logo
  • 3 Brand Patterns
  • Branded Style Guide

Time Frame: 2 weeks

Investment: $850.00

Lady Boss Website Design

  • Premium WordPress Theme Installation
  • 5 Content Pages
  • 1 Simple Contact Form Page
  • Newsletter Set Up on Homepage
  • Installation of all necessary plugins
  • Stock Photo Header Image that matches your brand
  • Installation of Google Analytics
  • SEO Optimization
  • 1-Hour WordPress Training Session

Time Frame: 4 weeks

Investment: $2,000.00

*Does not include cost for WordPress Theme, Website Hosting or Online Shop setup.

Lady Boss Brand + Web Combo

All of the inclusions above for both the Brand Design and Web Design are included.  The focus for the first two weeks will be on Branding and the last 4 weeks will be on your Website.

Time Frame: 6 weeks

Investment: $2,600.00

*Does not include cost for WordPress Theme, Website Hosting or Online Shop setup.



You can download our A LA CARTE Graphics List for the pricing on many additional items to take your brand to the next level!  Once you’ve decided what you want or if you need help deciding, make sure you chat with us!


All of our Design Packages start with a Discovery Call to make sure we are the right fit and that I can make your Brand and Web Design dreams come true.  This can be done over via audio or video call and is up to you.

Once we both agree to move forward, you will receive our Design Contract and 50% of the Design fee is due up front. The remaining portion will be paid once the work has been completed but before final Designs are handed over.

Brand Design Process

  • Brand Questionnaire + Pinterest Board (Your Homework)
  • Creation of Mood Board and Color Palette
  • Main Logo Design (6 initial concepts, 2 revisions)
  • Alternate Logo Design (2 initial concepts, 1 revision)
  • Watermark/Submark Design (2 initial concepts, 1 revision)
  • 3 Pattern Designs (1 revision)
  • Your Stamp of Approval on Final Brand Files
  • Brand Board
  • Brand Style Guide

Website Design Process

  • Web Questionnaire + Pinterest Board (Your Homework)
  • Website Layout Overview
  • Content Delivery by You
  • Homepage Layout and Design
  • Additional Page Creation
  • Additional Features Setup (Newsletter, Google Analytics, etc)
  • SEO Optimization for Pages
  • Your Stamp of Approval on Final Website
  • Launch and Handover


Once you book a package, I will send you all the details of how the project will be managed and how we will communicate. I will then send you a contract and a deposit invoice. We then start the design process with a questionnaire and from there I will work on your design.

Absolutely!  Please see the A LA CARTE Graphics Price List to see what additional Brand Collateral we offer and at what price.  We want to make it as easy on you as possible to get everything you need!

You will receive a 1-hour training session over video so I can show you the basics on how to make changes and add new items to your site.  I’m also always available for quick questions via email.  Because I only work with Premium Themes, the Theme providers are also always great at helping to answer your questions.

Prices are in US Dollars.  Payments are made through Paypal or Credit Card.  A Payment link is sent to you directly from my website and an official invoice will be provided to you.

For your website, the actual WordPress Theme cost ($50-$80) and the Website Hosting (approx. $3.95/month) are not included.  For your Brand, if you choose a premium font, you will need to purchase a license for that font (typically around $15).

Yes!  If you chose the Web Design of Combo Package, we can split your payment into three installments.  Payments will be made at the beginning, middle and end of the project.