oh, hey there,

I'm Tasha!

From being a new mom working in corporate – to starting my own online business and growing it to 7-figures in 3-years, it’s been a wild ride.

If you want to know my secret, it’s this:

Have a website that works for you 24/7 (getting leads + making sales) and stay true to you and how you want to run your business.

There will always be hundreds of guru’s telling you to do things their way.  

Stay centered, figure out what you want and how you want your business to look, and then become relentless in making it work for you.









I knew I wasn't meant for ordinary, but I failed for a long time trying to figure myself out.

I always did decently well in the corporate roles I had, but the fire would quickly burn out, I’d get bored and would be on my next mission to figure out “what I wanted to do”.  Does that sound familiar?

Then at the tender age of 31 lol, I had my first son.  If I thought I was uninspired to go to work before, I reached a seriously new level  of I don’t give a f…

I was tired (actually exhausted) and it got to the point where I could NOT fathom another day of stressful mornings, long commutes and hating what I was doing for 8-hours of the day.

I needed an out.  But I also knew that finding another job somewhere else would end up with me feeling the same.  I needed something different.

So I decided I was going to start my own Online Virtual Assistant Business and secretly started creating my own website so that I could “pitch” my husband on this new venture and hopefully have him on board with my exit strategy.

We decided we could give it 3-months.  3-months before I would have to find a job or things would get pretty rough on us as a 1-income family.

And well… I can’t say the rest is history because a lot has happened between then and now, but as you can see, I clearly made it past my 3-month probation and haven’t looked back.

I created the business, freedom and lifestyle I truly desired.  And now I get to help you do the same.

On your terms.

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to know me better!


Community Support

Having grown up with a single mom, this cause is near and dear to my heart.  I was fortunate enough to have grandparents that stepped up and helped us tremendously, but not everyone has that type of support system.  Helping young pregnant women feel supported and cared for is truly a gift and we’re proud to support Shifra Homes.

Shifra Homes

Shifra Homes is a safe haven for young pregnant women.

A place of new beginnings.

Through their Residential and Seeds of Hope Programs, they provide young mothers and mothers to-be with the support and resources they need not only throughout their pregnancies, but also to set them up for success beyond their stay at our home.

“Shifra Homes has provided a safe haven where young women who are expecting a child can live without stress and fear… they provide hope and building blocks for putting together a new life with baby for these young mothers.”
-Jane McKenna, MPP.

Some kind words
from Members and Clients.