Simple Tricks to Maximize Blog Traffic!

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Simple Tricks to Maximize Blog Traffic!

Good for you! 

You recognize how important Blog Traffic is and you want to know everything you can do to keep things on the up curve!

I was incredibly guilty of this at the beginning; I just wanted to continue to create new content and wasn’t much concerned with what was already out there. 

Fast forward almost 2 years later and wow, let me tell you how much I have learned overall. 

Yes, I still have A LOT to learn, but that’s the best part of this business, there is NEVER a dull moment!

So what exactly do you need to do every 3 months to ensure you continue to maximize your blog traffic? 

It’s possibly the simplest and easiest answer EVER!

Spend some time on the content you’ve already created. 

Yes I know that sounds simple and maybe a little underwhelming at first but TRUST ME, it can have a huge impact. 

If you’re serious about blogging and making a business out of it, then chances are you’re learning new things daily, weekly and monthly.

So what about that post you wrote 3, 6…9 months ago?  How much more value do you think you can add to that post?  How many more internal links can you add to your newer content? 

Maybe you have new affiliate programs that you’ve joined that would tie in perfectly with that post.  It’s SO worth your while!

Make sure to check out my blog post on Affiliate Marketing for Online Entrepreneurs and Bloggers to learn how to market your affiliate programs like a pro!

Now let’s talk about the plan so we can properly attack this together!

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Maximize Blog Traffic: Where to Start!

So before we go through my suggestions of what to look for and how to update your old posts, first let’s take a moment to determine which posts are actually worth tackling.

In comes Google Analytics.

If you don’t have Google Analytics, I’m not allowing you to read any further until you set this up, it’s non-negotiable.

Inside your Google Analytics Dashboard, I want you to scroll down to the “Pages” section which will tell you your most visited page over a certain amount of time. 

The default will automatically show you the statistics for the last 7 days. 

If you select the arrow beside “The last 7 days” you can then select “The Last 90 days” instead.  This will show you the top visited pages in the last 90 days.

Maximize Blog Traffic

Start with the pages that have the most views and work your way down. 

If the top viewed pages/post are very recent, then skip down to the lower/older ones. 

You can always view more pages by selecting the “Pages Report” on the bottom right to view the report on all of your pages from the last 90 days!

So now you know how to narrow down which pages to start with, let’s talk about what you should focus on within the posts to create the maximum effect and keep your readers interested and coming back for more!

Maximize Blog Traffic: The Action Plan

There are a lot of things you can focus on to improve your Blog Posts. 

I sincerely try my best to make sure these are all covered with each post, especially with the new ones given that I now have this good information.

No one is perfect (especially my proofreading) but we can all try our best to make our posts as valuable, professional and as AWESOME as possible!

Follow along with this list to update your Blog Posts to be the best they can be!
  1. Improve Readability – Is the post formatted in small paragraphs and easy to scan through?
  2. Add more content to add value and improve SEO – Post Length/Word Count makes a difference!
  3. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!
  4. Do you have Internal and External Links?
  5. Have you listed any Related Content at the end of the post?
  6. Is the post Keyword rich? How does it rank with Yoast SEO? Do your image names contain your Keyword?
  7. Does the post have Pinterest ready images? Make them easy to save and share!
  8. Have applicable Affiliate links been added?
  9. Can you Create a related Opt-in Freebie to provide additional value and increase your Email List? (Psstt… we have Opt-in Freebie Templates in our Shop!)
  10. Re-Schedule the post to your Social Media Outlets to create additional attention.

This might seem a little overwhelming but most of this will become second nature as you have probably learned a lot about these topics along the way!  You will probably be doing these already in new posts and it will be incredibly easy to fix them in your old posts.

So maybe take a week off creating new content and update 3-5 old posts and re-publish them.  With new and improved content and perhaps a new Blog Post/Pinterest Image it’s almost like new content anyways!

Then make sure to still check in with Google Analytics to see if your improvements have made an impact on the number of page views for those posts.  Also, keep an eye out on the number of re-pins you get with Pinterest to see if it has made a difference!

If you’re really not sure how Pinterest can sky-rocket your blog traffic and get your clients or make you money, check out our Membership!  You get an all-access pass to our shops, eBooks and Courses – including our Pinterest Principles course!

I hope these suggestions on what your Blog Needs Right Now will make a huge impact for you, I know it definitely did for me!

Let me know if you have any other suggestions on how to Maximize Blog Traffic! I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Blogging!

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