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The Best Opt-in Freebies to explode your email list!

So you have heard all the hooplah about Opt-in Freebies and Content Upgrades. and… you now know that it’s the only way to guarantee the survival of your blog/business…

I do agree that your email list, among other things, will help to guarantee the longevity of you being able to work from home in your pajama pants.

And nobody wants to give that up….


What is the point of an Opt-in Freebie?  Why would a person be willing to exchange their email address for something in return.


You have to keep that in mind!  If your freebie doesn’t provide value to your client or reader, don’t waste your time on it…

I’m glad that we have that out of the way. Now let’s talk about what the best types of Opt-in Freebies are going to be for your business type or blog niche.

There are quite a few different places you can look to see what’s working for other blogger’s or businesses in your niche.

The Best places for Opt-in Freebies ideas

1. Check out their website.  I know this sounds pretty simple.  Keep in mind just because they have an opt-in freebie on their site or within a post, doesn’t mean that it is super successful.  It will give you some great ideas of what your readers/clients are looking for though.

2. Check out Pinterest. At this point you should already have your Pinterest for Business Account set up. Pinterest can bring massive amounts of traffic to your blog. (If not, please read this article.)  Search some keywords in Pinterest relating to your niche and see what comes up as most popular.  What types of Opt-in freebies have been included in those top pins?

3. Google Analytics.  What are your most popular blog posts that people are gravitating towards?  Find your top 3-5 posts and make freebies that relate best to those posts.  This will give you the quickest increase in your subscribers as you know you are getting maximum exposure.

4. Ask your readers.  Talk to your readers via existing posts, an existing list if you have one or social media.  What would be most helpful for them?

I’m confident you should be able to find some great ideas within the realm of these top 4 suggestions for the best topics of Opt-In Freebies for you.

The different Opt-in Freebies you can offer

So we know where we can look for some good ideas of what is working within your niche for Opt-in Freebies but I wanted to give you a nice big list of what else you can offer.

  1. eBooks These can be super simple and created in a Word editing software and then saved as a PDF.  This is how I created my very first opt-in and it really didn’t take much time or design skill.
  2. eCourses Who doesn’t love a free opportunity to learn something?  You can do something as simple as a automated course delivered via email over several days.  Or you can amp it up with an amazing platform like teachable.  Teachable also give you the opportunity to start creating courses for FREE!
  3. Printables Everyone loves a cute printable!
  4. Worksheet Give your readers something actionable with a worksheet targeted to help them accomplish something related to your post or niche. 
  5. Checklist Similar to a worksheet, this can give your readers a goal and something specific to work towards!
  6. Resource List This can be a great source of information for readers and also a fantastic opportunity for you to add in some affiliate links and keep that passive income coming!
  7. Social Media Graphics If you have some design skills, you can offer some great social media graphics!
  8. Challenge I have seen these work wonders!  You can offer a several day challenge that your reader signs up for to help them achieve a goal!
  9. Templates This one I love…… I wonder why…  offer templates that your readers can use to create graphics, eBooks, Opt-ins etc.  Just check out the ones available here by the Lady Boss Shop!

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10. Resource Library Once you have quite a few awesome Opt-in Freebies, you can offer them as a member’s only library.  This allows you to simplify the opt-in forms on your site and have them all lead directly to your library.  

11. Exclusive Regular Content Once you are a established, you can offer exclusive content related to your niche.  People love feeling like a VIP.

12. Discounts/Special Offers You see this with big brands a lot but if you offer products or services, this can be a great option.

13. Free Consultations This is a great option especially if you are just starting out and need clientele.  If you can give them great service with a free consultation, chances are that they will come back with cash in hand for more!

14. Styled Stock Photos These are all the rage right now.  So if you have the right equipment and abilities you can really increase your list with this one! You can offer a couple of photos for the email address exchange.  I know I have signed up for quite a few of these!!

15. Tutorials Similar to eBooks an eCourses, people love to learn, especially for Free.  If you have a specialty that ties in with your Niche, develop a tutorial that will help your readers/clients!

Top Email Newsletter Platforms for your Opt-in Freebies

Soo… All of these Opt-in Freebie options can be great once they are done but you still need a way of collecting that email address and getting the freebie to your subscriber.

There are tons of options out there in terms email newsletter platforms and I’m going to list the two most popular for what I have seen, especially in the blogging industry.

  1. Mailerlite  I can’t explain to you how much using Mailerlite has changed my email marketing!  Like most novice bloggers, I followed everyone’s advise and signed up and paid for Convertkit from the beginning.  I found it very hard to learn and from a design perspective, I hated it.  I found myself ignoring what little subscribers I did have because I kept getting frustrated.  Then I read about Mailerlite and figured it was free, so why not give it a shot… OH. MY. LORD. Since using it for the last 6 months, my list has increased about 700% and my Opt-in sequences actually look good! Before you pay for anything, please check it out!
  2. Converkit This is of course the top dog and yes, I used to pay the monthly subscription for it.  There is a reason it’s the top dog, it offers a lot of features that you could probably use once you have several 1000 people on your list.  I don’t think that you need to be spending the money on it from the beginning though but I’ll leave the decision making to you!! 

Go and make yourself some Killer Opt-in Freebies!

Now that you have all of these wonderful ideas circulating in your head, go on and get started on that Opt-in Freebie!

Don’t forget you can also use our pre-made templates to save yourself hours of trying to design your Opt-in Freebie!  If you’ve got the content, we got the design to make it look amazing!

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Tasha DaCosta

Tasha DaCosta

Tasha is a Pinterest and Graphic Design expert that helps Female Entrepreneurs create, navigate and grow their online presence. Being creative is her passion and she enjoys sharing that passion with other like-minded blossoming entrepreneurs. She also loves her role as a Wife and a Mom and couldn't be happier being outnumbered in a house of boys!
Tasha DaCosta

Tasha DaCosta

Tasha is a Pinterest and Graphic Design expert that helps Female Entrepreneurs create, navigate and grow their online presence. Being creative is her passion and she enjoys sharing that passion with other like-minded blossoming entrepreneurs. She also loves her role as a Wife and a Mom and couldn't be happier being outnumbered in a house of boys!

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  1. This was such a valuable post, thank you Tasha! I didn’t expect the added guidance of how to find other great opt-ins for inspiration and to see what’s working, that was really icing on the cake!!

    I can’t wait to try some of these tips. I just finished the opt-in mistakes blog post here on the site and I realized my opt-ins are probably a little too much for people! Bite-sized and actionable pieces would probably leave my audience more satisfied, so I’m going to implement that this week!

  2. This is extremely helpful. I love the ideas for freebies. I know I eventually want to work my way up to that but since I work full-time as a teacher, finding extra time is sometimes tricky. I will need to reference this for later!

  3. These are very useful tips especially for bloggers like me. I am loving your Opt-in freebie templates well organized. Thanks for the great recommendation!

  4. Nice post and these are great ideas. I think ” Ask your Reader ” is one of the best ways to help you with your blog or business niche.

  5. Very interesting and informative post to read. This will be a great help to all bloggers out there most especially to the new one.

  6. This is such a helpful and timely
    post for me! I don’t have any opt-ins on my site and it’s somehting I’ve been wanting to explore. Thank you!

  7. Yes I just started using mailerlite too and I am definitely enjoying it. I love that it’s not super overpriced and even in the free subscription you have alot of options.

  8. Google analytics have been the one thing I think has helped me the most. I have really been able to adjust the way I write my blog and the pins I put on pinterest to my advantage with the results.

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