How To Organize & Optimize Your Social Media Graphics

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How To Organize & Optimize Your Social Media Graphics with Canva

Have you ever wondered how you can optimize organizing your social media graphics? And have you ever wanted to content plan ahead of time?

Well, that’s what I’m here for! We get asked often, “Do you save every social media design you create? Or do you delete them once you’ve uploaded them?”

This is the perfect opportunity to take you behind the scenes of what we do here at Lady Boss Studio and show you what we do, and how we set ourselves up for success in Canva while also using our own personal content planner within Google sheets.

We don’t use anything too super fancy, but sometimes when you keep things simple it can be a lot more effective!

So, with that being said… let’s dive right in!

Using Canva To Organize

As a Canva Certified Creative, we most definitely work to use Canva at its full potential! This means, we use the Pro version of Canva. 

One of the perks of using Canva Pro is that it gives you the ability to have unlimited folders! This is great for organizing all of your graphics, but for us we have a specific “LB Brand Templates” folder. 

So, for you, this could be a brand templates folder under your own personal business name. This is a great place to start!

Within that folder, we use a set of “Social Media Graphics” templates. Every month we click on this and it gives us around 22 standard graphics for our feed. 

These are typical posts that we can go into, edit to fit that month’s content and it makes it really quick to complete! 

The process? 

First, we decide content, then we determine what it’s all going to look like (inside our social media content planner –  more on that later.) 

When creating the graphics, I can just click the template pack, hit “use template” instead of “edit original”.

Creating Consistent Graphics

Perfect, now it’s all laid out! 

And now it’s ready in terms of creating consistent content for your social media graphics. 

Let’s say we have 3 quotes for the month. We can go into Canva and the styles that we normally use are already there!

Myself or my team can quickly type in the new quote, and then plug it into the day within our content planner to map out the feed!

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel every time, and this is the beauty of having this template set ready to go. 

There’s always new templates that come out and new things that we add here and there. 

If we feel like one month some of the graphics within the template pack aren’t working for the vision we have, we can always go look to find something from Canva, create something new and then save it in the pack so it’s ready for next month! 

Simple right? And organized. Two of our favorite words!

I’ve always got those basic posts available for me to use. 

As you can see below, we title each set the specific month we have created for and then save it all inside a social media folder in Canva.

Some have more, some have less.. But for the most part they are consistently the same graphics. 

I hope you can see the power in having this set available to you, because ultimately you can make this anything you want!


“Okay Tasha, I hear you.. But how do I create my template set?”

Glad you asked 😉

So, you’re starting from scratch and not sure what to do? 

I would start within the Canva templates, and I’d pick 10 layouts and 10 graphic templates to start with. 

Obviously making note to change them all to your own business brand colors (so you’re not having to do that every time). 

A cool thing too, if you have your “brand kit” uploaded to your Canva. Canva has a new feature where they will generate graphics for you with your brand colors already in them! 

You can still edit as much as you want, but it definitely will just save you that much more time.


To make it a template? You’re just going to want to pop to the 3 dots at the top right, scroll down and find “template” and add it to a folder! (This is where I would recommend it to add to your brand template folder). 

Now, every time you want to use that template, it will open a new copy for you. Make sure to name it properly so you’re able to find it easily within your designs! 

You can always edit the original template to add whatever new graphics you add over time!

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Sizing, Pictures & Stock Photos

As a hot tip, we size everything in square format (1080 x 1080 px). As we do our planning for Instagram first, because it’s the most “visual” platform.

In our content planning, I aim to be very present on the page as everybody wants to see pictures of YOU. Sure, they’re on your page to see the content you’re creating but they want to see your face. 

I only bring the pictures like that into Canva if I need to use a white border around them, so you normally won’t see them within our social media templates set that we’re creating. 

That is purely for graphics we need to fill the grid. 

Pictures of yourself almost always do better than, for example, quote posts. 

If you’re somebody that uses a lot of stock photos on social media, and you’re kind of struggling to create that cohesive vibe amongst all these stock photos, there is something you can do! 

Have you used the “adjust” features within Canva? Well – this is a great way to adjust the overall brightness, contrast, etc. within those stock photos to fit your branding a little better. 

There’s nothing stopping you from clicking on the photo and then adjusting the saturation, contrast brightness, all of it, to better match and fit your brand. 

The nice thing about that is you can then very easily carry any adjustments you’ve made to one image over to the other. 

The little paintbrush at the top corner, if you are clicked on the photo that you have adjusted, you can click that little paintbrush which “copies the style” and then click on the photo you want to add it to!

Yes, Canva really makes it that easy!


Now you know how to properly organize & make some amazing social media templated graphics within Canva! 

Making sure you’re organized from the start will only help you that much later in your business. 

Looking for some other social media templates that are done for you? Check out our shop!

Stay tuned, as our next blog post will be all about content planning! (Woohoo) 

And let me know below what you currently do!

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My Secret-Sauce Checklist for Launching an Irresistible Lead Magnet

My Secret-Sauce Checklist for Launching an Irresistible Lead Magnet

Get everything you need to start building a big beautiful email list with people that want to buy from you!