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The top side hustles actually worth hustling for

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The Top 3 Side Hustles That Are Actually Worth Hustling For!

I still remember how depleted I felt asking him to please support me in this new venture I wanted soo bad for me and for my family.  

I knew there had to be a better way, but none of the work from home jobs I had found were credible or worth leaving a full-time salary job for.

How the heck can I build a side hustle up so that it can replace my full-time income and I can have some sort of work life balance with small children and my husband? 

Well, I combined all three below to propel up over the 6-figure mark within 2 years of starting, and you can too.

Sometimes, the best time, is when you’re backed up against that wall and there’s no where else to go!

Maybe you want to keep your full-time job and just want something extra on the side, or perhaps you’re like me and you’re looking for an entirely better way of life.

Whatever your reason, below are the top 3 side hustles that are actually worth hustling for.

This list of side hustles are not quick solutions such as taking online surveys or selling your unwanted stuff on Craigslist (which you can obviously do as well). Instead, these side hustles require dedication, but can also give you extraordinary results that the others can’t.

And… Lady Boss Studio is all about taking it up a notch!

Side Hustle #1: Blogging

I’m sure this first side hustle comes as no surprise, but blogging really can be an awesome way to make some extra income!

One of the best things about starting a blog, is that it’s relatively cheap to set up. I use SiteGround for my web hosting which starts at only $3.95 a month!  

We’ve even got a step-by-step blog post tutorial to walk you through it courtesy of our new 5-Part Blogging and website series we’re releasing! (link just below)

These days, you can really blog about anything, there is a niche for any hobby or interest that you may have.  A few topics that are currently booming are Mommy blogs, health and fitness and, ofcourse, lifetstyle. 

Make sure you consider how you will monetize your blog, as it’s a major way to earn extra income from your efforts.

Monetization can come from things like sponsored posts, advertising, affiliate marketing, and Google Ads. 

My favorite blog monetization strategy is Affiliate Marketing. (If you’re an affiliate virgin, check out our post on Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing).

Here’s an example from a conversation I had with a good friend the other day.  

She wanted to talk about turning her passion for “DIY decor on a budget” into a blog.

She thought maybe it might help her gain some clients she can help with DIY decorating as a side hustle to her full-time job.  

So I made her take a moment to think about that strategy…  

Would you rather spend time driving here and there seeing clients after work when you’re exhausted, or write blog posts with affiliate links that can make you money while you sleep.  And in comes the blank stare…  

So I explained – You write a DIY tutorial about how you created this gorgeous gallery wall from thrift store frame finds.  You then include links to reasonably priced amazon picture frames, in case the person reading doesn’t have the time, or want, or ability to find a thrift store or antique market.  

They click on your Amazon links and purchase some frames or god knows what else. (Because it’s hard to only buy 1 thing at a time on Amazon – totally guilty!)

Every time someone make a purchase on Amazon using one of your affiliate links from your blog – CHA-CHING!

I think I blew her mind.

You can even set up a sidebar on your website that promotes the products or services that you use! 

If you can produce the content and you can create a proper website (which we can help you with!), then this is probably the best side hustle for you!

Everything you need to start and grow a wildly successful online business.

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Side Hustle #2: Become a Virtual Assistant

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need to be tech-savvy in order to become a Virtual Assistant!

Virtual Assistants aren’t limited to graphic design or website building, they can take charge of simpler tasks such as data entry and social media maintenance.

The truth is, you can become a Virtual Assistant in literally any niche, just don’t let the V.A. title scare you off.

You can have experience in admin work (or no experience at all for that matter in the beginning) and still end up managing social media accounts or writing blog posts for businesses.

This is exactly how I started in the world of online business!

The trick is to start off with services that you’re familiar with. Stay curious and continue to learn new types of work that you can offer once you get more comfortable!

If you have more writing experience, maybe start by offering services like proofreading and blog writing. As you keep learning (and taking eCourses!) you can branch out into other areas like graphic design and business branding.

We’ve got a monster of a post dedicated to helping you understand what a Virtual Assistant does and how you can narrow down the perfect services you want to offer!

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The Best Side Hustles that actually make money! Start Your Side Hustle like a Pro in 2020! Picking the right side hustle is important so you don't waste your time. From Starting a Blog, to becoming a virtual Assistant to creating passive income, we've got you covered. Don't lose time and money on the wrong online business side hustle, read our blog post for beginners today! #sidehustle #sidehustles #blogtips #onlinebusiness
The Best Side Hustles that actually make money! Start Your Side Hustle like a Pro in 2020! Picking the right side hustle is important so you don't waste your time. From Starting a Blog, to becoming a virtual Assistant to creating passive income, we've got you covered. Don't lose time and money on the wrong online business side hustle, read our blog post for beginners today! #sidehustle #sidehustles #blogtips #onlinebusiness
The Best Side Hustles that actually make money! Start Your Side Hustle like a Pro in 2020! Picking the right side hustle is important so you don't waste your time. From Starting a Blog, to becoming a virtual Assistant to creating passive income, we've got you covered. Don't lose time and money on the wrong online business side hustle, read our blog post for beginners today! #sidehustle #sidehustles #blogtips #onlinebusiness

Side Hustle #3: Sell Digital Products

Let me just pre-empt this section by saying:


Selling digital products is the ideal side hustle if you want to drive passive income, a.k.a. set it up and watch it make money on auto-pilot.

Don’t just trade your time for money – that’s what a regular 9 to 5 is for!

Instead, focus on creating digital products that you can sell like we do through our shop.

There are are a ton of digital products that you can create to sell online! Here are just a few profitable examples:

1. eCourses:

Establish yourself as an expert in your niche by offering an awesome digital course!

As we primarily create design templates for female entrepreneurs, we offer a Canva Crush eCourse where I teach awesome Lady Bosses how to use Canva for their business branding!

We also have a Pinterest for Business eCourse and a few more courses are coming soon to our Lifetime Membership we are soo pumped about that!

I create all of my eCourses through Teachable because it makes it so quick and easy to create my course and package it! They break down the process into simple steps that anyone can follow!I

2. eBooks:

eBooks are another effective way to establish authority within your niche.

There are tons of different options for eBooks that you can offer:

Meal planners, beginner’s guides, crafting how-to’s, a collection of sewing patterns…anything in your niche that you think there’s a market for! 

You could even create a workbook to go along with your eCourse for people to fill out as they go!

It can be as simple as creating a word document and saving it as a PDF, you really don’t need serious technology for this!  

Psst… we also offer eBook templates in our shop, just saying.

3. Templates:

Templates are a great digital product to offer as every business can benefit from using them. 

Our shop focuses mainly on design templates made through Canva, but we are working on offering all of them in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and even PowerPoint. 

There really is no limit to the types of templates you can create, from social media branding to logo creation. 

Feminine Website themes are also all the rage right now with so many female entrepreneurs entering the online space on the daily.

The reason that digital products sell so well is because a lot of businesses can’t afford to pay an expert to completely redesign their branding and website. 

Design templates are not only an affordable solution, but they allow clients to completely edit and customize the template to fit their unique branding style.

4. Styled Stock Photogaphy:

If you have a passion for photography, it’s a good idea to explore your options in stock photography!

Businesses use stock photography to personalize their branding and social media everyday, so there is a huge market for stock photographers!

You can choose to launch your own personal stock photography website or you can take the (arguably easier) route of setting up a shop on already established marketplaces like Creative Market and Etsy.

Larger sites such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Getty Images invite contributors to submit their photos. Every time someone downloads your images, you get paid!

Psst. Did you know that we also offer Styled Stock Photos within our membership?!

5. Membership Sites:

Speaking of memberships, you can even establish one for your customers if you start building up a solid library of digital products, online training or a mix of both! 

Memberships are a perfect source of recurring income.

You can offer membership services for anything from fitness videos, recipes, templates, tutorials and soo much more!

Phew, you made it to the end!

I hope this blog post has inspired you to start your own side hustle! I would love to hear from you if you do!

Remember, there are soooo many side hustles to choose from that aren’t on this list, but these can yield the most profit if you can put the time in. 

A side hustle is not a get rich quick scheme but can absolutely change your life if you pick the one that’s right for you and stick with it!

Happy Side Hustling! 

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