Do or Die Top Pinterest Tips

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Do or Die Top Pinterest Tips

I’m glad you have realized the impact that Pinterest can have on your blog traffic, I’m assuming that’s why you’re here!

That’s also why I have gathered all of the Pinterest Tips you need for Perfect Pinterest SEO!

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to know a few things about Pinterest, you really need the full picture and complete arsenal to really make an impact.  

I have the pleasure of managing my own Pinterest Account and the Pinterest Accounts of several clients. I’ve seen first hand how much of an impact a properly curated Pinterest Account can have on website and blog traffic.  

I’m confident that if you implement the Pinterest Tips and Strategies outlined below, you will see a definite increase in your Blog Traffic.  

Make sure to pin this post so you can come back and let me know the difference you have seen, I would love to know!

Now in case you are wondering who I am to be giving this advice, I promise to show you!  

Seeing is believing, right?!  

Now, let’s just go over what the point of all this is.  

Let’s say someone goes to Pinterest and searches “Pinterest Tips”.

– 600 million people are doing this every month (in case you’re wondering)

They are going to get rows and rows of image results to look through and will decide to click on one or maybe a few, if the pins look like they are going to deliver the information they are looking for.  

Like Google, the closer you are to the top, the higher the chance is that someone will click the pin and end up on your site.  Page 2 is NOT the goal here. 

Simple, right?  

The 2nd goal is to have a pin image that people actually want to click on, and we will talk more about that further down.  

Here are two examples where I’ve excelled in getting on the first line of search results (about a month after I started my website) and the second image is now that I have developed a system to totally dominate in my niche!

Trust me you will too! (especially if you follow my Pinterest Principles)

Pinterest Tips - Made it to first Spot


Every pin that highlights below leads traffic to my website.  Organically.

None of these are paid ads!

Pinterest search Opt-in Freebie

Hopefully that little demonstration just makes the rest of this more believable, and you will really take my suggestions to heart!

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Pinterest Tip #1: Rich Pins

Pinterest Rich Pins give you the opportunity to let people know that you publish professional content and you have a professional brand.  

This means that the pin will show your branding (favicon), the title of your blog post and description, information about you (the pinner) and a call to action button (Read it).

Pinterest Rich Pins are essential to getting the most out of Pinterest by creating a funnel to your website.  It provides a direct link to your products or services, which allows you to build clients, not just followers. 

There are five types of Pinterest Rich Pins: Movie, Recipe, Article, Product, and Place. Now if, like me, you have a blog that you are pinning pictures from, you are going to be pinning under the “article” category.  I have an entire post dedicated to setting up Rich Pins and that is where you should start before moving on to the next step. Don’t underestimate the power of the Rich Pin. Check out my Pinterest Rich Pins blog post here.

Pinterest Tips - Rich Pins

Pinterest Tip #2: Business Account

Alright, so I feel like the first part of this should be fairly self-explanatory but just in case you are wondering why you should switch over to a Pinterest Business Account, I’ll tell you!

For one, you will get access to Pinterest’s Analytics. This is vital in understanding which types of pins/content your fans are loving and giving them a reason to go and visit your site.

As you can imagine, being able to identify exactly which graphics/wording style is attractive to your niche can really amp up your blog traffic if you focus on it.  

To either start a fresh Pinterest Business Account or transition your current account over, click here.

The second part of this Pinterest Tip is to verify your website through Pinterest.  

It gives you additional access to analytics specifically related to your actual site and gives you yet another level of professionalism.  

To verify your site, please go here.

As you can see in the picture below, once you have switched over to a Business Account, you now have access to Analytics and Ads in the top left corner.  This is incredibly useful!

Pinterest Tips - Business Account

Pinterest Tip #3: Your Profile

I feel like I’ve said this before but this is really important… lol, I mean it!

Your pin might lead someone to your profile but the awesomeness of your profile is what is going to convince that person to follow you.  

They may also be searching for Pinners or Boards for a specific category or niche and we need to make sure you’re found if they do.  

Why is it soo important that they follow you?

Well, besides the ego boost you’ll get as your followers increase, it ups your chances of them checking out your other content and visiting your site again.  

If they are following you, your new pins are more likely to show up in their feed instead of you hoping they stumble across another one of your posts.

The three main Pinterest Tips below are for your Profile Name, Profile Picture and About You/Description.  I will cover all three of them!

  1. Profile Name: Soo unfortunately Pinterest caught on that users were keyword-stuffing the crap out of their Profile Names.  Now they will only allow you to have your business name or your name.  Now it makes the About You/Description even more important!!!
Free Pinterest Scheduler - updated

2.  Profile Picture:  Now I’d love to say that you need to have a really great branded profile picture of yourself, but I can’t because I technically don’t have one as of yet either. Instead, I’ll just stress the importance of people seeing a nice crisp image that at minimum, does not deter your potential audience.  

If you main focus is your brand and not you, then you can definitely include your Submark logo instead. (if you are not sure what a Submark is, check out the guest post I did for Elle Drouin on How to create a cohesive brand)

3. About You/Description: Now you really need to make sure to include keywords of what people might be looking for when they are searching Pinterest.  If you are a business, include some of the services you offer or what your niche is, and of course feel free to add a little “you” in there (all of this within the character/word limits Pinterest allows, of course)!  Be creative and let your personality shine through as well!  Check out Allison from Wonderlass, she made sure to add her personality in her description, and she definitely has a professional branded photo.

Pinterest Tip #4: Board Covers & Descriptions

Alright, once again there is a lot of important information that goes into this one as well, I’m sure you’re not surprised.  In this section, we cover 4 Pinterest Tips: Board Organization, Board Names, Board Covers, and lastly, Board Descriptions.

Board Organization:

So the first thing we need to start with is that you go into every board that is not business related and make it a secret board.  

Soo the super cute nursery board you have or the cleaning board, need to be hidden. They have nothing to do with your business and it will make everything look more professional.  

Because I was on Pinterest for years before using it for business, I have a whole lot of amazing stuff saved that I didn’t want to lose, and now I have 64 boards that are secret boards… I know you are probably thinking I have a hoarding problem…  

The point is, hide all unrelated boards and see what you are left with.  You want to have a minimum of ten visible boards that are business related.  

This may require extra work if you only have a couple of business related boards that have everything jumbled together. 

Once you have only your business related boards showing, create a new one called “Best of (your blog name)”; mine reads Best of Lady Boss Studio.  

Then make sure to re-pin all of the existing pins from your blog to this board first.  

Make sure that all subsequent re-pins are taken from this board.  You want all of your re-pins linking back to here.  If you already have these pins in another board, make sure you re-pin them from the existing boards, that way you are carrying over existing stats/re-pins on those pins and you are also giving yourself an extra re-pin.  

Board Names:

Alright, soo now we get to name your boards, I promise it shouldn’t be as hard as naming your first born child!  

The main thing you need to consider here again are keywords.  

As much as you might have some super cute names in mind, “Cool Stuff”, “Whimsy” and “Green Things” won’t work as most likely people will not be searching for these terms.  

When coming up with names, keep in mind what you think your target audience would search for when looking for that type of content.  

Look how great of a job Easy Planet Travel has done, every board name is a very likely term someone would  search for!

Pinterest Tips - Board Names

Board Covers: 

As you can see from the two profile examples I’ve shown you, Board Covers make a big impact.  

In case you are wondering, Board Covers are the pretty little branded pictures that tell you what the board is about.  

This is probably my favorite Pinterest Tip in this section because you get to be creative and do some design work!  

You need to find a background image that works well with your brand and then find a fitting font to write the name of the board with.  

I know alot of Bloggers are now using programs like Canva and Stencil to create their images on a small budget.  

If you decide to DIY your Brand Boards, make sure to size them at 300×300 pixels!  

Here are two examples of how you can update the board covers.  The first one is simply selecting images that create a cohesive feeling and the second one is creating actual brand board covers.

Board Descriptions: 

Okay, here I go again with the keywords, I know it’s getting old but hopefully it has sunk in as to how important they are.  You want each board to have important keywords based on the topic of the board.  Check out the keywords below for an example from this blogging Tips Board:

Pinterest Tip #5: Image SEO

Sooo… I know I talked about the Board Covers being exciting to create cause you get to be design-y, but pin images, those are like the Super Bowl of fun in terms of Pinterest!  

We have a few topics to cover here as well, including: keyword title, inclusion of your logo/website and pin description.  

Don’t forget the stunning stock photo to go in the background!

So let me start off by saying, that by no means am I saying that my Pin Images are the best there ever was. They do, however, check off all of the boxes and they are pretty, so I’m going to use one for my example!  I’ve added the Keyword Title directly on the pin image which is huge for SEO and capturing people’s attention.  

I also have my Submark logo and website URL and have made sure to include a stock photo that I like in the background to add character to the pin. Try to keep on topic with the picture.  

The last part is the pin description, make sure to include the keyword title again and then give a brief description of what the article is about using as many related keywords as possible.  Make sure to include a description as people may not want to re-pin your content if they will have to write a description in the pin so that it looks right for their followers!

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Pinterest Tip #6: Always share the Re-Pin love!

I’m not just saying this because I don’t want you to be a selfish donkey.

Pinterest will rank your pins better when you also share other people’s content!  

You should be re-pinning other people’s content anywhere from 20-30 times a day.  

You are probably thinking you don’t have time for that, well neither do I!  I started using a program called Tailwind right off the bat and I set it once every 1-2 weeks so it automatically re-pins other people’s content (and my own).  

Tailwind currently re-pins content of my choosing around 40 times a day, I like to be on the safe side!  

If you have interest in checking out Tailwind, you can do so here, you can also try it on a free trial!  

When you take my Pinterest Principles course you can also get $30 off the Tailwind Plus Subscription if you are a new user!

Pinterest Tip #7: Pinterest Group Boards

Because I have an entire post dedicated to the how and why you NEED to jump on the Pinterest Group Board wagon, I’ll keep this short and sweet.  

The great thing about Pinterest Group Boards is that they allow you the opportunity to get your pin in front of every person’s followers that contribute to that group board.  

That increased visibility inevitably increases the chance that people will click on your pin and end up back on your site.  

Come and join mine for Blogging and Online Business

Wow, are you excited you made it until the end? I don’t know if it’s just me, but that felt like a marathon!  

The good news is, that it was totally worth it and there should be no reason why you can’t explode your Blog traffic with Pinterest!  

Now that you know how to blow up your Pinterest and blog traffic, isn’t it time to learn how to use affiliate links on Pinterest so you can start making some extra money! 

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