Ultimate List of Pinterest Group Boards

I’m sure you have heard a lot of talk about Pinterest Group Boards and how they can sky rocket your blog traffic.  

Good news is, it’s totally true.  

The bad news is, it requires a little bit of work to be added to a whole bunch of them, which is what you need in order for this to work.  Joining 1 or 2 group boards is not going to sky rocket anything unfortunately.

Why Pinterest Group Boards Rock

So we know that joining Pinterest Group Boards can sky rocket your blog traffic, but do you know how or why?

I do… and very shortly you will too.  

Let’s say you have 500 Pinterest followers.  When you post a new pin to one of your boards for your newest blog post, you have access to 500 people that hopefully will see that pin and like it enough to click on it and be re-directed to your site.  

Only working with the odds of that 500 people is not going to increase your blog traffic tenfold.

Now if I’m pinning a pin to a group board, I’m not only putting it in front of all of the contributors of that board, I’m putting it in front of all of the people who are following that board and all of followers of the contributors of that board.  

Still with me? Let’s take one of the boards I’m a part of (yes it’s on the list below), and break it down.

Blogging Pro’s Group Board has: 

17,470 followers and 1,300 Contributors

Not only will my pin show up in front of the 17,000+ followers of that board, it will also show up in front of each person following each contributor.

Some of the contributors of this specific board have 15,000 plus followers.  I can’t even start to try and figure out what those numbers work out to be, but it’s HUGE, I mean HUGE.  And…. that’s just 1 board.  Try adding another 20 or 30 boards and  you are seriously on your way to getting some serious blog traffic.  

Now please keep in mind that having great looking pinterest images and descriptions will also play a big part of whether or not someone will actually click on your pin and get to your site, but you won’t have to worry about getting eyes on your pins.

If you are wondering how the heck you manage to pin to that many boards consistently, please check out my post on Tailwind for Pinterest.  It will open up in another window so you can finish reading here and then check it out later!  It’s a goodie!

How to join Pinterest Group Boards

I’m currently part of 21 Group Boards and try to be a part of more and more every day.  I’ll make the first one nice and easy for you, and invite you to join my Group Board for all things Blogging Related.  Click below to join!

– Blogging and Online Business Group Board

With most group boards, there is a simple process you are going to follow;

  1. Find and Follow the actual Pinterest Group Board
  2. Find and Follow the Pinterest Group Board Administrator
  3. Send the Administrator a quick email letting them know you have completed Steps 1 and 2 and would like to join their group.  You need to make sure to include the email you have associated with your Pinterest Account so they can easily find your profile.

You can download the sample email below I used to send to the administrators of the groups I’m in and use that as your foundation.  Clearly you know it works if I got accepted to that many group boards.

Pinterest Group Board Steps

  1. Find and Follow the actual Pinterest Group Board.  Before you decide to follow a board for the sole purpose of joining as a contributor, read the description.  A lot of the larger boards out there are no longer accepting contributors.  Now it won’t hurt if you decide to follow them anyway as that just means a lot of the great content in that board will show up in your Pinterest feed.  I have made sure that all of the boards added below were accepting contributors as of today. I’m not looking to waste your time!  Any of these could change though going forward!

As you can see in the description of this board, they want you to follow the board and then send an email requesting to join the board as a contributor.  Not all boards will require that you also follow the group’s administrator but it can only help your case if they are gaining  you as a follower also.  It’s a win win situation and why I always do it even if they don’t ask.

2. Find and Follow the Pinterest Group Board Administrator.  See how I circled that icon for Step 2 above?  The very first person you see listed in the group board is the board creator and main administrator.  If you click on that icon, it will take you to that person’s Pinterest Account and you can click on “Follow”.  Don’t forget what I said above, you might not need to follow the administrator but it will absolutely work in your favor!!!

3. Email the Administrator.  As you can see in the description above, they have given you the exact email address they want you to send an email to requesting to join the group board.  Make sure you say that you have followed the group board and the administrator, and provide the email address associated with your Pinterest account.

Top Pinterest Group Boards

Keep in mind there are a whole bunch of boards out there.  The ones I have included are ones that I am currently participating in and that were still accepting contributors at the time of writing this.  You will find a whole bunch of Pinterest Group Board lists out there with the most massive boards, but most of them aren’t accepting contributor, so as far as I’m concerned that is useless to you and me.

Get access to our MASSIVE list of Pinterest Group Boards broken down by Niche in our Freebie Library!

There are over 100 boards listed!

Pinterest Group Board Mayhem

Was that as intense for you as it was for me?  Good news is I found a whole bunch more boards that I’ve now also requested to join while working on this post and I think I’ve given you a ridiculously solid foundation for starting with your Pinterest Group Boards.  If you’re stuck on anything don’t hesitate to shoot me a quick email, and I can’t wait to see your request come through to join my board – Blogging and Online Business Group Board!

Now that you’ve got your group board game on point, it’s time to really step it up a notch and read this next article:

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See you next time!

Tasha DaCosta