The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Professional Brand Part 1

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Ultimate Guide to Creating a Professional Brand: Part 1

So you’re planning to start your own business and you need a brand.

First of all, congrats! Second of all, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

I know it can be an overwhelming and intimidating process, which is exactly why we’ve created this 4-part series – The Ultimate Branding Guide – where we will lay out what you need to organize a professional brand. 

Creating a concrete brand is super important for your business. It allows your audience to have a clear understanding of your business,  and helps to separate you from your competitors.

We’ve marked out 25 steps you need to follow to create an amazing and professional brand that will have your business up and running successfully!

I know, I know. This seems pretty intense, and you’ve already got so much on your plate!

But we’ve broken it down to for categories to keep you organized and on track to success!

Let’s get started! 

Part One: Brand Fundamentals

1. Mission Statement

You might be asking yourself, “What the heck is that?”

A mission statement simply is a paragraph that summarizes the values of your company or business. Easy right? Well…maybe not.

It will take a little bit to refine your mission statement, but trust me, this is so important! Taking this extra time will really help you down the road.

Your mission statement should be super clear and concise.

In the beginning stages of creating your business, the simpler the better.

After you get yourself established and comfortable in this world, you can always build onto it.

2. Brand Balance

Take a look at how you want to balance the professional and personal side of your business.

Social media is a great way to give your audience a sneak peek into the personal side of things. Giving a little behind the scenes or a selfie creates a level of relatability with your audience.

… But, be careful with this. You always want to have an underlying professionalism to everything.

 At the end of the day, this is still a business.

3. Brand Value

Quite simply – what do you believe as a business and how do you want to convey that?

Make your values really clear and stick to them.

Another easy one!

4. Brand Language and Voice

What words can describe your business but also clearly speak to your audience?

Chose a handful of words that reflect your brand.

Words like “fresh, clean and modern” instantly make me think of a brand that uses a lot of whites, natural accents and maybe greenery or wood tones.

Whereas, “bold, vibrant and radiant” make me envision chunky fonts and bright pops of neon color.

Do you see what I mean?

Choose words that reflect your vision.

Write these words down and use them frequently to describe your business. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and be unique, as this aspect is really going to help separate your brand from others!

5. Brand Message

Your brand message is fairly similar to your brand value, with a sprinkling of your brand language!

In order to establish your brand message, you need to identify your main offerings and services.

From there, create a brief message that inspires, persuades, and motivates your customers!

Your brand message can almost be viewed as a slogan.

Nike’s “Just do it!” or Levi’s “Quality never goes out of style” are both brand messages.

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Brand Keywords

Again, very similar to brand language.

You need to pick a handful of keywords that clearly speak to your brand and audience.

The only difference here is you’re going to choose these words, stick to them, and use them very frequently!

Why, you ask?

Not only does this help to create brand clarity and consistency BUT it is also super important for SEO.

There are a number of Keywords generators that you can use to help you find what’s best for your brand and SEO. We like to use, KW Finder, it’s a great tool to ensure you are utilizing the best keywords for your website. 

These keywords will be how your audience identifies you and will increase your Google ranking (something we all want!).

So trust me, keywords and consistent use of them are super important!

How is that for a start? 

Do you have a better understanding of what kind of questions you need to ask yourself?

I think you’ve got some pretty exciting homework to get started on! 

Join us for Part 2 next week where we start to discuss the nitty-gritty of your audience and your competitors!


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