How to Boost Your Reach and Engagement on Instagram

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Insider Secrets on How to Boost Your Reach and Engagement on Instagram

Our friends over at Social Solution Studio are here to talk insider secrets on how to boost your reach and engagement on Instagram! 

We’re so excited for our friends Jenn and Christy to be guest posting on our blog! They have been killing it on the Social Media scene, and really just in overall online business. 

These wonderful Lady Bosses are members of the Boss In Business Membership and it has been such an honour to be a part of their business journey thus far. 

Without further ado, keep reading to check out the insider secrets they have shared! 

We all want to continually grow and expand our reach on social media. Instagram has quickly turned into the #1 platform for connecting with ideal clients. 

Whether you are an influencer, a business owner or brand manager for entrepreneurs, knowing how to maximize your reach on IG should be an essential part of your marketing efforts. 

Social media strategists Christy Arnott and Jennifer Penn – the owners of Social Solution Studio – share three highly effective insider tips on how to boost your reach and engagement on Instagram. 

Take Advantage of Instagram’s FREE Marketing Tool

Use Niche-Specific Hashtags on Every Post

There is a lot of buzz around hashtags – what they are, which ones to use, and how many to post. Hashtags are Instagram’s gift – consider them FREE marketing tools – for you to use to help you reach your ideal clients. 

Every time you post a graphic, a quote, a video, or a Reel, you have the opportunity to reach new potential clients just by including hashtags. 

Ask yourself: “What types of things are my ideal people searching for on IG?” Research and find hashtags that match what your ideal clients are search for. 

Hashtags that have more than 10k posts associated with them means that the hashtag is a popular search. The higher the number, the more interest there is in that subject. 

Steer clear of hashtags that have over 500k posts linked to them if you can – your post may get buried in a sea of competing posts. 

Finally, create a running list of appropriate hashtags use them in every post. We recommend using an average of 25 or more hashtags per post. 

And be sure to change which hashtags you use – Instagram will lower your ranking ability if it thinks you are copying and pasting the same ones over and over! 

Encourage Conversation

Include a Question in Your Caption

 The best way to grow your account is to encourage conversation! 

When you ask your community a genuine question, they are more likely to comment. Think of ways to get them involved in the material you are creating. Your ideal clients love it when they feel involved, and that opinion matters to you. 

Perhaps you have an idea for a new product, course, class or offering. Ask your community what they think. Allow them to give feedback. Do they suggest something you hadn’t considered before? 

When new people begin to follow you and become part of your audience, they will see how active you are on your account and will want to commit to being a part of the conversation. 

And of course, don’t forget to respond to each and every comment! The single most important element to social media is to be social! 

Avoid the “Post & Ghost”

Engage and Socialize Before and After Posting to Your Feed

Now that you understand the importance of why you need to be social, don’t stress! Engagement takes less time than you think! 

Talking to your people and showing them that you are invested in them can be done in a snap! 

Begin engaging with your community 15 minutes before you schedule your post. 

Pop into the feed of someone who already follows you and like a post or two, comment on something that interests you with a meaningful sentiment, or watch their IG Story and react with an emoji. 

Continue this until you’ve engaged with 5-7 people who already follow you. This simple act helps your community feel connected to you. 

Then “rinse and repeat” – engage for 15 more minutes after you post. Believe it or not, this will bump your post in the IG algorithm and your posts and Reels will show up in the feed faster. 

It ALSO helps you reach new potential clients, especially when you combine this with using niche hashtags. 

And finally, make a commitment to connect with at least one new person every day. 

Allow them to get to know, like and trust you. You’ll establish yourself as an expert in your niche, giving you the opportunity to convert them into a paying customer. 

We’d love to know which tip you found most helpful! Let us know what you’ll be implementing the next time you post to IG! 

And for more insider tips and tricks on how to maximize your efforts and grow your Instagram accounts, download this FREE gift from Social Solution Studio: The Hashtag Blueprint for Instagram Success.

about the author

Social Solution Studio LogoSocial media strategist Jennifer Penn saw firsthand the struggles her clients were experiencing with social media content. For over 30 years, they have worked with photographers, entrepreneurs, authors, business owners and influencers and in that time have helped them pivot to the newest way of marketing: social media. Social media trends change almost daily – and when you’re running a business, it’s hard to keep up. Her goal is to help businesses maximize their social media content without the added costs of a dedicated marketer. And so, a solution was born: Social Solution Studio. 

Staying on top of social media trends, creating new captions, researching top performing niche hashtags, designing graphics and story templates – social media can turn into a full time job! It’s no wonder social media content is one of the least favorite aspects of owning a business. 

Social Solution Studio offers a low-cost monthly membership that delivers customizable graphics, captions, story templates, and curated hashtags for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and most other social media platforms right to you every month. The Social Solution Bundle Membership gives you everything you need to create niche-specific social media content, saving you time and stress – allowing you to stay creative and focus on your zone of genius. 

Jenn has helped successful entrepreneurs and business owners manage their marketing and business growth efforts by providing real-time strategies and creative solutions to help them thrive. It’s time for a complete solution to all things social. Visit to find out more on how you can join their membership. 

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