The best types of blogs posts for new blogs to increase traffic

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The Best Types of Blog Posts for New Blogs

So you’ve decided to start your very own blog, that’s great!

And also



And super EXCITING!

So where do you even start? Well, you need to make sure you have a solid blog/website foundation.

This all starts with the right Web Hosting (where your site lives) and a Premium WordPress Theme (what is going to make your Blog/Website Shine)!

The Top Types of Blog Posts for New Blogs

Because you are starting out with a new Blog, you are going to want the MOST bang for your buck in terms of Blog posts and shares. The more people that read your few posts and share them, the higher the chance that you will get noticed by new readers sooner and more often.

It’s a well-known fact that certain types of posts are powerhouses when it comes to shareability and reader interest so it’s a good idea to try and incorporate some of these into your Editorial Calendar from the beginning!

1. The Round-Up or List Post

What it is: It’s essentially a list of valuable content your readers can find in one place. People love these as it will save them time finding all of the information in one place.

Why they are great for New Blogs: You may not have a whole lot of content yet or ideas of what to blog about so this allows you to re-purporse other bloggers content and make it accessible on your blog.

Afterall, the whole point of blogging is to be a resource for your readers and you are making their life easier by giving them a ton of information in 1 place.

It’s also great because maybe once you do have your own post on that topic, you can always add yours in to gain extra traffic to that post as well.

Here is a great example from Elna over at twinsmommy:

Types of Blog Posts - List and Round Up Posts

Another really great idea for a list post to put together a list where people can find FREE stuff. People love lists but people LOVE FREE! You will get a double whammy on that one!

Pro Tip: Tag some or all of the authors when you post on Social Media if you have included them or one their posts in yours! This will garner you some brownie points and help you get noticed by their audience as well!

2. The How to or Tutorial Post

People love to DIY and these are probably the most attractive posts to gain traffic from new readers.

Don’t get me wrong, these can be intense to write, depending on what you are trying to explain.

If you are doing a tutorial, I recommend using a FREE platform called ScreenSpresso where you can screen capture and write notes on them and also capture video tutorials.

PS. Google loves videos and will typically rank your blog post higher with videos in them!

I have a post on the Top Canva Tips where I incorporate small videos to visually show my readers that I’m explaining. This makes it easier for the reader to follow, make it more likely that they will save and share the content and helps the post rank better on Google for anyone looking for Canva Tips.

3. The Secrets Post

Who can resist a secret, gossip or some little random tidbit that might help them get ahead? I know I can’t!

If you have a little trick some little secret or method that has helped you find success, trust me, people will go crazy to know.

Make sure you let potential readers know you have a secret for them in your graphics and make sure it sounds juicy! That will catch their attention right away!

Also please make sure to actually follow that up with a secret or juicy tip though…… otherwise you risk losing your audiences trust!

Here is a great example from a post guest post by JOSCELYN KATE:

Types of Blog Posts - The Secrets Post

4. Traffic and Income Reports

People are nosy and that’s okay! We want people to be nosy about us and what we are doing otherwise that means they have no interest in us or our blog!

Some of my most popular traffic posts are my income and traffic reports. Yes, it can feel completely awkward at the beginning, especially when you only like 30$ in your first month but trust me, it all helps to get you where you likely want to go, which is creating a full-time income.

And guess what, people WILL respect you for it because they will know you literally built your blog and business from the ground up.

So don’t be ashamed, advertise your traffic and income reports loud and proud!

Lady Boss Studio Side bar example

5. Tools and Resources Post/Page

This one should be really easy for you to put together because you already know what tools you are using on a daily basis to make shit happen!

This is also a GREAT opportunity to add in some affiliate recommendations if you believe and love the products you are already using.

Make your resource list an actual Page that can be easily found on your blog’s homepage as a menu item and you can always add it to your sidebar.

Here is how I added mine to my sidebar and from day 1, my “Fave Tools” page is almost always my top performer.

Also, make sure to market this page on Social Media like you would for a post to keep it fresh in peoples minds!

The best part about this page is that you can always add to it and change it as you discover more tools and resources or change your mind on some!

Which types of Blog Posts are you going to start with?

I know that you must have a had a moment of “I couldn’t totally do that” with at least one of these types on posts if not more. Please do yourself a favor and create at least one of them and see how it does in comparison to your others!

Once you see how much more popular off the bat these types of Blog posts are, you are going to want to create a whole bunch more!

Happy Blogging!

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Tasha DaCosta

Tasha DaCosta

Tasha is a Pinterest and Graphic Design expert that helps Female Entrepreneurs create, navigate and grow their online presence. Being creative is her passion and she enjoys sharing that passion with other like-minded blossoming entrepreneurs. She also loves her role as a Wife and a Mom and couldn't be happier being outnumbered in a house of boys!
Tasha DaCosta

Tasha DaCosta

Tasha is a Pinterest and Graphic Design expert that helps Female Entrepreneurs create, navigate and grow their online presence. Being creative is her passion and she enjoys sharing that passion with other like-minded blossoming entrepreneurs. She also loves her role as a Wife and a Mom and couldn't be happier being outnumbered in a house of boys!

53 Responses

  1. I love the idea of starting off with tutorial posts because it makes people trust you and establishes authority for new bloggers. I would always trust someone who has shown me how to do something over someone who shows me resources from other people on the same thing. For that reason, I think round-up posts should come after tutorial posts

    Naima |

  2. Appreciating the time and energy you put into your site and detailed information you offer.

    It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the
    same old rehashed information. Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

    1. Hi Czjai, that’s also always a great topic. It lets potential readers get to know more about you and why you started your journey. It may not increase traffic for you right away but it’s definitely a post that your readers will appreciate!

  3. These are all great ideas for blog posts on a new blog. What I would add is that all the posts should follow the same niche. Mixing up content is hard to clean once you are blogging for a while and find your niche.

    1. Hi Joanna, You are absolutely right! These will all be confusing if they are regarding a bunch of different topics. Setting a niche and content expectation from your readers is a must right from the start!

  4. Wow, this is such a great post and very informative too. These will help people that will start blogging and make them know what kind of blogger they should be.

  5. Consistency and focus are the main ingredients for blog success.. i know any new blogger will find this extremely helpful!

  6. This is the perfect resource for a blogger who is just starting out. It’s overwhelming at times. This post gives offers some good tips to get the novice blogger moving in the right direction.

    1. Hi Nicole, thank you so much! It can definitely be overwhelming but hopefully I am able to break down how to bring in blog traffic to really get you off of the ground and rolling!

    1. Hi Deborah, these are great ideas for trying to stimulate blog traffic when you are just starting out! Most of these also worked for me from the beginning so I’m hopeful they will work for you as well!

  7. This is great – I remember when I started blogging it felt like no one was willing to share helpful information. It was all so cloak and dagger! So, it’s always really nice to see people who are doing well, willing to help those starting out!

    1. Hi Sara, that’s not fun at all! I feel like I have relied heavily on information from those who have come before me and it’s been such a great help! Of course, you should always take anything you read with a grain of salt and make your own judgment calls but there is something to be said for not re-inventing the wheel! Good for you for finding success anyways!

  8. These are all very valuable tips, Tasha. I low key wish I read this post before I started my blog a few months back. Everyday is a learning process, and I am glad I found your blog!

    1. Hi Kiersty, thanks for reading and you are totally right! You can blog for fun but you are trying to monetize your blog in any way, you need to think about providing value but also about web traffic. If you want people to come and read your words, you need to have a strategy in place to get them there!

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