How to tell it's time for a rebrand

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Business Rebranding and How to Tell When It’s Time For One

Before we dive in, I just want to make sure we cover the difference between a brand refresh vs. a full on rebranding of your business.

For a refresh, you’re typically focusing on updating the visual identity portion of your branding. 

Maybe that means – having your logo recreated by a professional designer, refreshing your color palette, or updating the design of your website.

When we say REBRAND, we mean getting right down into the nitty gritty of your business and the foundation that supports it. 

It means getting clear on your brand messaging, who you serve and why they should be choosing you to work with. Then it means building a new visual identity around that new direction and messaging.

Now that we’ve covered the difference, let’s dive into the top three ways you can tell it’s time for a business rebrand.

1. You Don’t Feel Connected with Your Audience.

This is the biggy. We’re big on brand messaging around here and for good reason!

Maybe you started off your business (and brand) by creating a logo that you thought looked great. But, then didn’t spend any time on the “why” behind your business.

Or maybe, like many business owners, you just needed to pick the damn logo and move on with your day! Because? Well, you needed to make that money, honey.

Whatever the initial reason, you know it’s time to dive deeper into your brand messaging.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it just means that your business is evolving! You need to hone in on your new brand message.

It can also be glaringly obvious when you’re consistently attracting new customers or clients that aren’t an ideal fit for you.

So, if you’re not feeling connected to your audience there’s a couple reasons why. 

It’s likely because you haven’t really nailed down who it is you want to work with and how exactly your business will serve them.

It might not seem like the most fun thing to do! But, spending time on this when you rebrand will make sure you’re building a brand that will last.

Oh.. and it will help you create some pretty amazing connections with your customers!

2. You’re Slightly Embarrassed to Send People Over to Your Website or Hand Them Your Business Card.

I know this one might feel like I just punched you in the gut a little. But, if you felt that one a little too hard, it might just be because it’s true.

It’s no one’s fault, every business evolves and that’s totally normal!

But if you’re trying to raise your prices, get bigger and better clients AND grow your revenue, you definitely need a brand that reflects that.

You should also be able to make it rain with your biz cards. You want to send every person possible over to your website with confidence.

Especially with so much being “online only” these days! The moment you show hesitation or a lack of confidence in your brand, your customer will feel it.

And the last thing you want is to give someone your website URL and have to follow that up with “Don’t mind my website, it’s a work in progress”.

Your website and business cards should literally be working for you! Not giving your customers a reason to doubt your abilities!

3. You Feel Like Your Business Gets Lost in the Crowd

Look, I know the first couple of years in business can be hard! Especially when you feel lost amongst a sea of online businesses.

It’s also really easy to feel like you’re the only one that’s being left behind.

So how do you change that?

By first spending time doing some of the inner work on your business, then crafting the right message and right brand visuals to give your business it’s own unique identity.

When you’re able to connect with your audience using the right message and marketing, I promise you will cease to be forgotten by them!

And if you are feeling like you’re doing it all alone, I want to remind you about our Boss in Business Collective. It’s our membership where you get access to all of our courses, shop templates, website templates, stock photos etc..

But… most importantly, you get access to our private community where you get support and can ask questions and get live feedback from me during our office hours.

So you don’t have to feel alone anymore and you can get eyes on your business to help you have the next best 12 months in business you’ve ever had!

If any of the above is ringing true for you, let’s be honest – it’s probably time for a rebrand.  

And since you’re here, I would love for you to check our 1-Day Branding Intensive!

Yes, you read that right.

You become our VIP and we get your branding done for you in one day! No huge waiting game and no back and forth for weeks.


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My Secret-Sauce Checklist for Launching an Irresistible Lead Magnet

My Secret-Sauce Checklist for Launching an Irresistible Lead Magnet

Get everything you need to start building a big beautiful email list with people that want to buy from you!