Pinterest SEO Tips to Maximize Traffic to Your Website!

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Pinterest SEO Tips to Maximize Traffic to Your Website!

So, you’re looking to grow your online presence and optimize your search results? You chose the right place to start!

If you’ve stopped by my site before, you know I’ve got a serious crush on Pinterest… It brings hundreds of readers to my site daily and FOR FREE, how could I not!

Thanks to my focus on Pinterest SEO, my email list grew by 700% over just a few months! My business has seen an amazing increase in sales and custom design work because Pinterest sends me soo many referrals.

Now, for many bloggers (and online businesses, alike), the main focus is to gain popularity and increased web traffic through organic search results. The best way that I’ve found to do this is with Pinterest!

Having a Pinterest Business account that is properly optimized can drive hundreds of new brand fans to visit your website every day! Of course, these results can take precious time to generate if you haven’t yet applied and optimized your Pinterest.

Who has the time to wait?! You want results now! Which is why I have compiled a list of these Top Pinterest Tips for Flawless Pinterest SEO!

Before getting started, be sure to pin this post so you can come back and let me know the difference you have seen in your blog traffic in the comments below, I would love to know!

S-E-Oh No!

I know, SEO, a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization…sounds pretty boring. BUT.. I couldn’t have grown my business the way that I have without learning its not-so-secret powers.

I’m sure you have heard of SEO; you might even have an idea of what it is. But do you understand what Search Engine Optimization really does?

How do you explain SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of gaining traffic from naturally occurring search results when people use search engines. Unlike paid pinned advertisements, or boosting on Social Media, these sites and blog posts rank highly in the search results for FREE!

When you enter a phrase in Google, there are literally MILLIONS of search results. All major search engines have primary results where posts are ranked based on what the search engine deems to be most relevant to the person searching for the information.

SEO is the tool that ensures your post ranks higher than the rest by incorporating keywords and other important factors.

Pinterest SEO

Pinterest SEO works on a similar algorithm. When you enter a phrase in Pinterest (because it is a SEARCH ENGINE), a whole host of pins appear, ranked by relevance.

And how is this relevance determined? You guessed it!! Pinterest SEO! By choosing keywords that link to your niche, you can effectively connect to a wide audience that is looking for a product or service just like yours!

Pinterest is also deemed to be the leading platform where consumers want to get to know and learn about new brands.  This is your chance to get in front of millions of Pinterest users (but only if you know what you are doing).

Do you get where I’m going here?

Pinterest can give your business massive potential and outreach. It was a game changer for Lady Boss Studio.

Without further ado, here are the 3 Main Areas that you should focus on to Maximize Your web traffic with Pinterest SEO!

Pinterest SEO #1: Your Profile

Think of your Pinterest profile like your first impression.  Your profile instantly lets potential subscribers know whether you are right for them or not. 

When focusing on your profile, consider the following 4 key areas.

1. Profile Name:

You want your profile name to let Pinners know the name of your business but you also want some keywords in there so they know what your biz or blog is all about.  Having some keywords in there will also help you rank higher when people are searching for the type of information you have saved on your Pinterest Account.

This is what I have for Lady Boss Studio:

Lady Boss Studio | Blogging Tips & Branding Boss For Female Entrepreneurs!

If you’re not sure about yours and you want my special Hack to be able to add extra Keywords to your profile name, be sure to take our FREE 3-Day Pinterest Profile Challenge!

As for your username – try to keep it sweet and simple by sticking to the name of your business!

2. About You/Description:

This section is SO important for Pinterest SEO.

I have a simple formula for a fool-proof About You section:


Show potential consumers exactly who you are and give them a reason to visit your website and use your business. 

I bet you already know what’s coming next…keywords, KEYWORDS, KEYWORDS!!

Be sure to optimize your About section! You need to add the keywords that others may use when searching for the content, products or services that you offer.

Keywords are the bread and butter of SEO for a reason. By incorporating strategic keywords, you are letting people know who you are, instantly.

These keywords are also the magicians that drive traffic, allowing consumers to find you!

Be sure to also include the URL to your blog or business website to direct more traffic over to your site as well!!

3. Photo:

Should your photo be of you or your a brand logo?

Here is my stance: if your brand is represented by you and your audience knows that you are the face of that business, use a photo of yourself. If your brand isn’t so personal, stick to a logo. 

Now, if you’re on the shy side or just don’t have any clear photos of yourself, go with your brand logo. It is better to use this than to keep a grainy, unflattering image that will turn people away. 

What is most important is that you use an on-brand, professional, and clear image in your profile!


4. Enabling “Rich Pins”:

Rich pins are another reason that I LOVE Pinterest so much – they make everything so damn easy!

Rich pins add extra information to the top and bottom of an image, as well as a bold title! 

Huzzah! More space for Pinterest SEO!

Rich pins act as a funnel to your website by directly linking to it. These pins automatically include the title on your site. 

Pinterest Rich pins tell readers that you are a professional brand that posts professional content by showing your branding, blog title and description, description of the pinner (you), and also invites people to read!

You can read my post here on Enabling Rich Pins.

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Pinterest SEO #2: Your Boards

Your target audience might also be searching for boards to follow, not just specific pins.  The only way they are going to find those boards with all that juicy content is if you have included the right keyword(s) in your Board Name and Board Description!

It also matters how you’ve organized your boards.  You want your most relevant and important boards to be first and foremost.  More on that below and ofcourse, a lot more on that in the FREE Pinterest Profile Challenge!

1. Board name: 

While you may be tempted to incorporate some personality into your board names, it is important to remember that this choice of wording is not the best for Pinterest SEO.

Instead of bordering on fluff, take this as another opportunity to incorporate your keyword!

When naming your boards, ask yourself: What would my target audience be searching when looking for this information?

2. Board description:

Pinterest allows for 500 characters so get creative! Make the most of the real estate and input your keywords. 

Don’t worry about being repetitive, this step is really important when linking other pinners with an interest in similar boards!

3. Board organization:

While your puppy board may be a sweet addition for you, it might not display the most professional vibe. 

Keep your cutesy boards on private and focus on the boards that your audience will actually be interested in.  Organize them from most to least relevant

Pinterest SEO #3: Your Pins

Whenever possible, save a pin directly from your website. This will automatically link the pin to your professional business website. (If you’re using WordPress, there are many plugins that will allow readers to easily pin your photos!)

If you are unable to pin from your website, you can always manually add your pins from your Pinterest account.

1. Title:

SEO that title with relevant keywords!!

You want to come up with a title that entices people to click and keep reading. This title must also add the words that people use when searching for your product.

2. Pin description:

You get it by now, Pinterest SEO relies heavily on keywords. 

Keywords must be incorporated into the description of a post, but don’t let Pinterest penalize you for over stuffing keywords into your image descriptions! 

Remember to use proper grammar and sentence structure while strategically putting some keywords in there. 

Don’t forget to add hashtags for bonus SEO!

3. Image:

This is such an easy step to do but is also easily forgotten – save images on your computer under at least one keyword.

When these graphics are posted on Pinterest, the algorithm still picks up on the original image title when ranking. Don’t miss out on a bonus Pinterest SEO opportunity!

Good looking images are also VITAL to having people click through your pins and make it onto your website.  That’s why we also have some great fully-editable Pinterest Pin Templates in our that are optimized to convert and get buyers and subscribers to your site!

Don’t forget they are fully-editable in minutes to match your brand!

How does your Pinterest SEO rank compared to above?

Now you’re ready to grab the bull by the horns and rock that Pinterest SEO!! Whether you are new to this platform or you’ve been a fan for years, the difference you can make for your web traffic is HUGE!

Do you have any PINTEREST SEO tips that aren’t included in this list? I’d love to know!

Share your tips in the comments and spread the wealth!

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