Pinterest Launches Their Free Pinterest Scheduler!

You’ve heard me talk time and time again about how important it is to schedule consistently and how a scheduling tool (like Tailwind) can easily take care of all of that for you!

While this Free Pinterest Scheduler doesn’t offer the same robust features as Tailwind, it’s a great way to get your started with scheduling your Pins!

Pinterest is a platform that rewards your for time spent actually using it.  This means that the more high quality content you pin, the likely Pinterest will be to share your content (as long as it’s high quality).

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How to use the Free Pinterest Scheduler

So let’s dive right into the steps to using the Free Pinterest Scheduler to schedule your first Pin!

Step 1.

Go to your Pinterest Profile and click on the little red “plus” symbol on the top right hand side and then click on “Create Pin”.

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Step 2.

Add in all of the relevant Pin details like the Pin Image, Title, Description, URL and choose the board you want it saved to. (You won’t be able to change these later)

Next select “Publish at a later date” and enter in the date and time.

Free Pinterest Scheduler - Add all Pin Information

Step 3.

Once all of the above info has been added, select “Save” in the top right hand corner.

Now you can go to your pin Dashboard to see what you have scheduled!

Free Pinterest Scheduler - Scheduled Pins

Try the Free Pinterest Scheduler for Yourself!

Now it’s your turn to go ahead and try the Free Pinterest Scheduler for yourself!  I would love to know your feedback in the comments below!

**As a sidenote, I don’t think that is can replace using a proper Pinterest Scheduler like Tailwind that offers you the schedule unlimited pins, organize your schedule Pins, loop your Pins for maximum effect and take advantage of Features like Tailwind Tribes!

Tasha DaCosta