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How to Easily Create Metallic Text and Elements for Free

Are you looking to spice up your logo or add some shimmer to your social media template?

Metallic foils are such a great way to do so! But unfortunately, so many of us are left wondering how this can be done!

We’ve created this quick and easy tutorial using the free program Photopea

We show you how to easily create Metallic text or PNG elements that can be exported and then imported back into Canva to seriously boost your designs!

1.Finding Metallic Swatches – 0:40

Metallic swatches can add a real boost to your logos and design materials. Whether it’s rose gold, silver or gold you can find a number of different swatches on sites such as Creative Market or Etsy

Some of our favourite swatches are Foil and Glitter Textures or Rose Gold Foil and Glitter , but you can find a number of different metallic foils that suit your brand. 

Once you are in Photopea , select the size of document you need. There are a bunch of pre-sized templates to choose from. 

If you’ve ever used any of the Adobe products, you’ll notice that it’s a very similar layout. 

2. Selecting Fonts and Adding Text – 3:11

Once you’ve got your page layout ready to go it’s time to add some text!

On the left hand side you will see an icon that’s the letter T. Select this icon and create a text box. 

You can either use the fonts that Photopea already uploaded or you can upload your own font. 

If you’re choosing your own font, make sure your font is downloaded to your computer. 

You can then select, “add in font” from the text panel. 

3. Adding Metallic Swatch to Text – 3:45

Once you’ve selected your text and adjusted the size of it you’re ready to add in the metallic swatch.

Go to File, Open + Place. 

Pick the swatch you want to use and select. 

You can adjust the size of the swatch to ensure it’s covering all of the text and the artboard. 

A little tip:  when you’re re-sizing the metallic swatch hold down the shift key on your keyboard. This will keep the proportions of the swatch in place so it doesn’t become distorted. 

Once it’s in place, select enter on your keyboard.

Now, go over to your layers panel, delete the background layer so it’s now transparent. 

You should see a metallic swatch layer and a text layer. Hold down the Alt key for PC users and Option for Mac users, then click on the metallic swatch.

Done! You should now have metallic text! Amazing. 

4. Adjusting the Artboard Size – 5:30

If you find that there is too much space on your artboard, you can click the artboard icon on the left hand side and re-size the board. 

Make sure there is little space around the perimeter of your text or logo. 

5. Downloading Your Image – 6:00

To download your image, all you need to do is go to File, Export as PNG. 

A PNG will keep your background transparent. You can adjust the sizing of the image that’s exporting. 

If you are using this image on the web, make sure you stay under 150 KB. 

6. Making Metallic Elements – 7:04

If you want to transform a PNG image into a metallic, you can easily do so with the same process we followed above!

Go to File, Open +Place. This time you;re placing your image first. 

Once it’s on the artboard, got to File, Open+Place again and place your metallic swatch in. 

Go over to your layers panel, hold down Alt or Option and click on the metallic element. Voila!

Exporting is the same process. Super simple! 

Now you can see how easy it is to really upgrade your content.

You can now take your text or elements that you have created and import them into Canva! 

I hope you enjoyed following along in this tutorial. 

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. We would be happy to hear from you!

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