Business Success Series - Facebook Business Page Call to Action

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Business Success Series – Facebook Business Page Call to Action

We all know that Facebook is the worlds largest Social Media Network.  Unfortunately, Facebook is continually making it more difficult for businesses to organically have their content shared.

A lot of people weren’t happy about the algorithm changes but that’s not because the changes are wrong.  It’s because as a business, you now need to work harder if you want your content shared.

Facebook has placed their highest emphasis on meaningful interactions. 

What does this mean? 

They are going to put content in front of readers that they might actually be interested in. 

Facebook doesn’t want readers scrolling through their news feed only to see business ad after ad.

They want human interaction.  and understandably so.  

So I developed this series to help the small business owner and online entrepreneur optimize their business pages, publish more engaging content and hopefully to do a better job at converting leads.

So read below for day 1 covering how to optimize your Facebook business page call to action and make sure to check back for the upcoming additions to this series.

Your Facebook Business Page Call to Action

This first tip is something I entirely took for granted and had no idea was even editable.

You might not have even realized that it’s there…

It’s your Facebook Business Page Call to Action Button.  Yes you have my permission to open Facebook and figure out where that stupid button is if you have never noticed it.

That’s exactly what I did….  and here it what it looks like on my Biz page:

Facebook Business Page Call to Action 1

So while Contact Us is technically a call to action if people have questions, I’m willing to bet there is probably a more direct action you want your brand fans to take.

People need direction, they need to be told what to do.  You need to be direct about what you want them to do. 

Maybe you want them to buy something from you, join your group, book a call with you, join your email list etc…

All of which are much more actionable then Contact Us and will lead them to the right place to do whatever it is you want them to.

Facebook makes this really easy on you, so please take advantage!

Okay, let’s see what options we have and how to get there.

Facebook Business Page Call to Action - Step 1

Facebook Business Page Call to Action 2

Go to the “Home” Page of your Facebook Business Page and Click the “Contact Us” Button.

Depending on the choices you made when you originally set up your Biz page, you might have something a little different.

Now Select “Edit Button” to access all of the options.  You will see a list of available options:

Facebook Business Page Call to Action 3

Facebook Business Page Call to Action - Step 2

Now you need to determine what the main action is that you want potential readers, customers, clients to take.

I know this can get a little tricky as there might be several options that apply.

You need to decide what the priority is for your business.

In most cases, you want people on your website.  Facebook is FULL of distractions.

Ads in the sidebar, messages coming through, notifications popping up, it’s extremely hard to capture attention on Facebook and hold that attention for any length of time.

Get them to your website where there is nothing else there but your material, your products or your services.

I’ll give you an example for Lady Boss Studio.

My top three options that I could have potential customers or readers do are:

  1. Sign up: for my newsletter community
  2. Shop Now: to see my templates
  3. Join Now: to join my private Facebook Community for Female Entrepreneurs.

Now clearly all three of these are a priority for my business.

But, I want people on my site so I’m not going to choose Join Now.  Although I want to grow my exclusive community, that option doesn’t bring them to my site.  I will just make sure to promote the group on my website to bring traffic there instead.

So we have 2 options. Shop Now or Sign up.  Now there is no wrong answer here as they both bring traffic to my site but you also need to think in terms of long term strategy.

If I send people directly to my shop, they might buy something but that conversion is much harder to make when you have NO relationship with them.

Instead, I can send them to my sign up page which gives them instant access to my FREEBIE Library and they are much more likely to hop on my list.

I’m offering them value for FREE.

Then they can get to know me, start to trust me and are wayyy more likely to purchase from me with confidence! 

They are also more likely to think of me when they want branding or design services as well!

*Please also note the sidebar graphic bringing people back to my Facebook Group once they are already on my website.

Facebook Business Page Call to Action - Step 3

Please check to make sure the links work! 

While I was testing this theory by visiting a TON of Facebook Business Pages, I can’t tell you how many Call to Action Buttons had broken links.

Once you save your Facebook Business Page Call to Action Button,

please test the darn thing!

I’m glad you want to up your Facebook Business Page game and you stayed until the end!  Be sure to stay tuned for the next tips in this series.

You can do so by joining our Lady Boss Community and getting instant access to our Freebie Library


Joining our exclusive Facebook Community for Female Entrepreneurs

See you soon, 

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