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Whether you need to level up your branding, create a profitable website, work on your Email List Strategy or build your organic reach via Pinterest, we’re here for you!

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The Boss in Business Membership

We had to also mention this here since everything else listed below is also included in membership.  So it just wouldn’t be fair otherwise.

Every template, training, coaching call, stock photo you need to grow your business, your revenue and your freedom is included here.

Number 2

The Instant Brand Blueprint

Quickly and Easily take your business branding to the next level.  You’ll also be amazed at how much instant credibility you’ll with better branding.

This DIY course offers you 50+ Branding Templates you can easily edit for your business.  We’ve done all of the heavy lifting for you!


The Lead Magnet Blueprint

Heard you need an email list if you want to have a thriving and successful business?  We couldn’t agree more!

But there is way too much confusion on what it means to actually do it strategically.  Our Lead Magnet Blueprint helps you avoid all that!

Number 4

The WordPress Website Academy

We’ve intentionally created this program to remove all overwhelm and confusion around creating a website that actually helps your business grow.

No tech headaches or embarrassing website templates you can’t edit.  If there is one thing we care about, it’s making a statement in credibility when someone lands on your website.


The Pinterest Business Academy.

Want to know how we send over 20,000 leads to our website every month?  It’s with by using our Pinterest for Business Strategy.

We show you how to use Pinterest for your business to send a ton organic traffic that is interested in your offer, to your website every month!


Current Workshops Available for our
Boss in Business Members.

Every month we do a new live Mini-Workshop on a topic that supports your growth within Boss in Business Roadmap to Success.  These range from Brand Messaging, Website Conversions, List Building, Staying Legal and soo much more.

We even double on some months so we can bring in a top industry expert to really dig deep on a topic!

currently available

Brittany Bayley Guest Event

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