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This eCourse Bundle is exactly what you need! + CANVA PRO STOCK PHOTOS ARE INCLUDED!


Whether you need a presentation for your signature course or to sell, sell, sell, with a webinar, you need to WOW your audience and these templates will drop some jaw!

You already need to create the content, so don’t lose hours on trying to make it all look pretty.

These templates were created by someone who actually sells their own eBooks and courses and knows what you need!

A simple 5-page template isn’t going to cover all of your bases!

You can use this Fresh eCourse Bundle to create courses and webinars again and again, because you can edit them again and again!



Learn About Canva Below!

Slide Deck Breakdown (Canva & Powerpoint)

  • 4 Cover Pages
  • 2 About Author Pages
  • 2 Course Overview Pages
  • 2 Course Resource Pages
  •  4 Lesson Title Pages
  • 2 Lesson Breakdown Pages
  • 10  Content Slide Pages
  • 4 Portfolio Pages
  • 4 Data /Chart Pages
  • 2 Lesson Recap
  • 2 Action Steps
  • 2 Quote Pages
  • + 10 Bonus Webinar Slides!

Here’s how it works:

1. You Instantly access Canva links through Download.
2. You add your own text and change the font (if you want).
3. You change the colors (or don’t).
4. Add your own images.
5. Download your presentation or images!



Important to Note

  • *We’ve used a Font that is only included free with your Canva Pro Subscription!
  • Premium Font Download link provided for Powerpoint Slides from Creative Market.
  • Canva Pro Stock Photos included in Canva Templates.
  • No Stock photos are provided in Powerpoint Slides.
We literally can’t make it any easier on you to finally get your eCourse finished!


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Answers to your Questions:

Yes we do!  You can even check them out before you buy!  Are largest collection is currently for Canva Templates, but we are building up Tutorials for all our products!

Template Tutorial Library

While we do have a few Premium Collections where you do need a Canva Pro Account, most of our Collections are using the free version!  Don’t worry, if you need Canva Pro, we let you know!

As most of our photos are obtained from Haute Stock, we do not have the right to include these images in our templates!

Sometimes, we use Free Stock Photos so be on the look out for templates that have them included! :)

Everything is completely customizable! Play around with the elements to create a brand that is uniquely yours!

We do our best to use free fonts in all our templates! Should a template require a premium font, it will say so in the description of the product. The free font download link will be provided to you when you purchase!

Once a purchase is complete, you’ll get instant access to a PDF document that includes direct links to your awesome Canva templates, InDesign Templates or Photoshop Templates!

Yes, you can create finished products to sell such as eBooks, Workbooks, and Planners! However, you are not able to redistribute the templates in any way or use your templates for client work.

No, templates are for personal use only!

Due to the nature of digital downloads, we are not able to offer refunds. If you purchase the wrong template by mistake, please reach out as soon as possible so that we can help!

Brand Kits include Logos and other web elements that are downloaded as images. Therefore, they can be uploaded to any website that allows you to change branding features.

If you have a Canva for Work subscription, you will be able to upload and use your own fonts!

Yes! As long as it is for personal use, you can reuse a template as many times as you want!