Classy Brand Templates Bundle for Canva


Get all of our Classy Templates in one bundle and SAVE $10!!!

This bundle includes all the Canva Templates you will need to design your perfect branding in just minutes!

Learn what these Canva Templates can do for your biz below!!  


YOU need a complete branding package that won’t take you hours to set up.
YOU want to grow an email community that loves and supports your biz. (’cause online business-ing is lonely)
YOU need great graphics for Social Media that will make you stand out.
YOU want all of the above but to make it happen, you need a complete package that can do it all for you.
This is a complete Blush Brand Templates Bundle for Canva and it’s exactly what YOU NEED!
What if you could: Get your logo, branding, social media graphics, and Opt-in Freebie setup today and start growing your business tomorrow? There will be no more but excuses, just you focusing on selling products, services and growing your list. 
This Canva template will work for you because they were inspired by when I was in your exact same shoes.

So let’s do this already!

We’ve also included only Canva images that are free with your Canva for work account.  

You can open this file even with the free version but you will need Canva for work to download and use these specific images.

Because this is a premium template kit, we’ve also used a premium font.  The font download information is below.


You get ALL of these Canva template packs. INSTANTLY. Like right freaking now.


  • Video Instructions for Canva (I got your back after too!)

Here’s how it works:

  1. You Instantly access Canva links through Download.
  2. You add your own text and change font (if you want).
  3. You change the colors (or don’t).
  4. Add your own images.
  5. Download as Images or PDF’s.
  6. Upload to your website or Social Media.
  7. You’ve got yourself one AMAZING BRAND!

So let’s get the damn thing done!

Important to note:

*Premium font used:

You can still open the template without having this font uploaded to your Canva.  This gives you the opportunity to try the font before you purchase it.  You do need to purchase the font before you are able to save any of the elements as individual image

Here's what other Lady Bosses
have to say about our Templates!

Find the answer to your Q's here!​

You do not need a Canva for Work account! While a premium subscription does allow access to more photos and free elements, none of my templates require it!

As most of our photos are obtained from Haute Stock, we do not have the right to include these images in our templates!

Everything is completely customizable! Play around with the elements to create a brand that is uniquely yours!

We do our best to use free fonts in all our templates! Should a template require a premium font, it will say so in the description of the product. The free font download link will be provided to you when you purchase!

Once a purchase is complete, you’ll get instant access to a PDF document that includes direct links to your awesome Canva templates!

Yes, you can create finished products to sell such as eBooks, Workbooks, and Planners! However, you are not able to redistribute the templates in any way or use your templates for client work.

No, templates are for personal use only!

Due to the nature of digital downloads, we are not able to offer refunds. If you purchase the wrong template by mistake, please reach out as soon as possible so that we can help!

Brand Kits include Logos and other web elements that are downloaded as images. Therefore, they can be uploaded to any website that allows you to change branding features.

If you have a Canva for Work subscription, you will be able to upload and use your own fonts!

Yes! As long as it is for personal use, you can reuse a template as many times as you want!


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