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My May 2018 Income Report

Welcome to my May 2018 Income Report!

I remember how excited I was when I read my first Income Report from another blogger.

My heart lept and a new fire came into my soul. Yes, that sounds a little cheesy but it’s the absolute truth!  It probably also helped that I was hating my life working a desk job for the Government in Customer Service.

I knew I wanted more, needed more, and there was concrete proof right in front of my eyes that it was possible.

Let me tell you that the fire that got lit under my ass was definitely more like a bonfire.

I was straight up hooked. I was literally having trouble sleeping like it was the night before the first day of school!

This month marks 1 year since I started this adventure and I’m extremely proud of my success.  I still have many people that look at me cross-eyed when I try and explain what I do for work but that’s okay, I’m glad the world hasn’t caught on yet!  It just means that there is more opportunity currently out there for me and hopefully for you if that’s why you are reading this!

*This post contains affiliate links which means I receive a percentage of any purchased products.  I do not recommend any products that I don’t have full confidence in.  For more information, you can always check out my disclaimer.


Why I’m Sharing My Income Report

Now I will be honest with you, there is a part of sharing my Income Reports that makes me uncomfortable.  People I actually know will be seeing this and I’m not the type who would ever discuss earnings with anyone outside my immediate family.  If you are wondering why I have decided to do this, my reasons are twofold.

1. Without having had the opportunity to read other bloggers’ Income Reports, I don’t know if I would have had the same determination.  Obviously, that determination comes from wanting to be successful, but I’m also an Aries which means I LOVE competition.  The Income Reports really gave me something to strive for!

2. It’s such a great way of keeping me accountable.  Part of posting the Income Report is letting the world know what my goals are for the next week, month and quarter.  This adds some serious accountability in having to let you know how it’s going with my goals.  When you work from home in a relatively solitary environment, it’s nice to know you have a support system that is helping to keep you honest and hard working.


My Work from Home Strategy

First, I need to mention that I have an entire post dedicated to my Work from Home strategy that you really need to check out.

My Work from Home strategy has 2 parts, now has 3 parts!

The first is how to make money now while setting myself up for some amazing income in the future.  I’m sure you have heard that making money from blogging takes time.  And I don’t mean making a couple hundred dollars a month, I mean making an actual liveable income that you and your family can count on.

I don’ t know about you, but with a house, a kid (and now another on the way) and a family, I certainly cannot live on minimal income for an undetermined amount of time.

This is why I think I have found such a winning strategy:

My plan is to make a great income as a Virtual Assistant while building up my affiliate income and now also selling eProducts at the same time!  Especially with the new baby coming, it will be added peace of mind to be able to have eProducts out there for sale that don’t require trading time for money.  All the work is done upfront except for the occasional technical question from a buyer that I’m happy to answer!

The Virtual Assistant portion can be set up on a limited budget, and with the right tools, you can find clients pretty quickly.  It took me 1 week to find my first client. and within 6 months, I was up to 4 clients.  I have since cut things down for myself a bit to only work with 2 clients.  The other reason for that too is so that I can spend a bit more time on working with affiliates and creating new eProducts!


The Actual May 2018 Income Report

Below you will see the actual breakdown of the Income Report.  I’ve made sure to include actual descriptions on each of the Income Report categories so you can learn as much as possible about how I made the income.

Total: $6,123.48


May 2018 Income Report: Broken Down


Virtual Assistant Income:

As mentioned, I have 2 clients on my roster now for my Virtual Assistant business.

I work anywhere from 20-25 hours per week total for both clients I assist.  I mostly spend my time creating graphics and working on Social Media Strategies and Schedules.

I literally get to work doing something I love to do!

It’s so great to be making a good income while building up my blog and affiliate income.  I can avoid current financial stress while working my ass off for future financial freedom!

Click here to learn how to start your own Virtual Assistant Business!

Affiliate Marketing Income:

Well, I had affiliate Income from two sources this month.

Two-Thirds of my affiliate income for May came from Bluehost Web Hosting They are who I use for my site and business and who I wholeheartedly recommend!

The second affiliate product I strongly recommend is Bluchic WordPress Themes.  Again, they are who I use and who I think you should use too!

The third contribution for Affiliate Income for May was from Creative Market.  I sell on Creative Market in my own shop but you can also earn a referral for millions of other AMAZING products!  I buy soo much stuff on there myself!

I also want to let you know how I got my start in Affiliate Marketing. I took an amazing course from a blogger that currently makes over $100,000/month in passive income.

Yes, I wrote $100,000 – remember I mentioned those Income Reports that lit a fire under my ass? This was definitely the main one.

Check out the course here: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Survey and Online Shopping Income:

So this category is a little bit better this month but could still really use some improvement!  I started doing some surveys, watching a few videos and added the Swagbucks Google Chrome extension so I could collect Swagbucks while I also shopped online.

The amount of online shops they work with is unbelievable.  You can then use your points towards gift cards.  I usually always redeem for Amazon gifts cards because as you know, Amazon literally has everything!  I was able to buy a new bassinet for the coming bebe with my earnings from Swagbucks! woo hoo!

Check out Swagbucks here, it’s free to join!


So I decided that I wanted to diversify my earnings even further.  As the old saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket!   This hit me especially hard when I was sick and not able to do much Virtual Assistant work.  I can’t make money if I can’t trade the time for it.

I will encounter a similar situation for the first month or two when new bebe comes!

So I decided to start selling templates on my own Lady Boss Templates Shop, on Creative Market, and on Etsy!  This was a huge learning curve but I think I’ve got a great process in place now and I can’t believe how well people have been responding to my templates!  I offer all of the Templates I create for both Canva and Adobe InDesign so a lot of work goes into them but the work is all done upfront.  Then I can list them in the various shops and hopefully sell them over and over.

And in case you are wondering, this is my number one selling product:

Opt-in Freebie Templates Turquoise - For Canva

My next goal in terms of eProducts will be to launch my very own paid eCourse which I’m hoping to have out to my readers before October!  Stay Tuned!


My Plan For Next Month and How I measured up for May!


I was hoping to see the following for May:

  • 10% increase in web traffic over April
  • $1,300 from shop sales
  • Add 100 extra people to my email list!

1. I only managed to go up 5.3% in web traffic from April to May!  I had some blogging and eProduct set backs because of some pregnancy complications but I was still soo happy to see that there was still an increase from 1 month to another, especially since I lost probably almost two weeks total!

2. I totally killed my Shop Sales goal soo WOO HOO!!! I more than doubled my goal! I had a few custom orders which helped but this is what it’s all about!  Making that passive income!!

3. I was able to add an extra 182 people to my email list in May, which is my best month yet!

My Goals for May (since it’s my last full month before the bebe #2 comes, I’m going easy on myself):

  • 10% increase in web traffic over May
  • $1,500 from shop sales
  • Add 100 extra people to my email list!

Stay tuned for next month to see how it went!


Thanks for Checking out my May 2018 Income Report!

I’m really glad your curiosity got the best of you and you came to check out my Income Report!

Have I perhaps encouraged you to start your own Virtual Assistant Business or Blog?

See you next month!

Tasha DaCosta