hey business owner!

I help you create consistent income online,

so you can stop chasing clients and work less than you are now.

Make More


Gain More


Love Your


Do any of these

sound like you?

I'm a Service-Based
Business Owner

and I’m seriously ready to bring the magic I’ve created to the online world.

I'm starting my own Coaching Business

and I need to learn how to structure my offers and start bringing in tons of leads.

I love my role as
a Consultant

and I’m ready to start creating digital products so I can scale from only offering 1-1 services.

Does this sound familiar?

You have a dream to make it big in your business.

==> but you’re stuck constantly chasing 1-1 clients in Facebook groups or bugging your friends and family for referrals.

Every month you’re left wondering how you’re going to make money, pay your bills and if things are finally going to work for you.

You deserve to feel this way instead:

If you're ready to go from chasing crappy clients
to loving your business...

I want to introduce you to the

Boss in Business Accelerator Logo

Where you’ll find #allthethings you need to succeed in business

in one pretty-amazing, kick-ass place.

It’s time to be done

with just “scraping by”…

Here's how it works!

program length

It’s up to you how long you want to take get through the content + courses.  You can get through everything in a matter of weeks, but we support you with coaching + support over the next 12 months.


Everything we teach is completely online and available to you, at your own page 24/7.  Our Private Community is on Facebook where you can ask questions any time and our Group Coaching calls are on Zoom.


Instead of just offering a bunch of courses, we walk you through our Simple Success System.  From income strategy, to creating a website, to growing an email list, we walk you through it all – step-by-step.

Who Should Enroll?

Service providers, coaches and consultants that want to get away from chasing 1-1 clients and learn how to build a sustainable, less stressful, more profitable business online.


Girl, *Mind Ya Business

Your business will only ever be as good as your mindset and your productivity – now aint’ that the truth.

- STEP 01

The Money Talk.

The real reason we’ve all taken the plunge to become entrepreneurs.. and why we freakin’ do what we do! Money talks, baby. 

- STEP 02

Anything but "Basic" Brand Foundations

Let’s get nitty gritty into the why behind your messaging so you can attract those dream clients – otherwise, what’s the dang point.

- STEP 03

It's Time To Love That Logo (and Branding)

So you’re clear on who you want to work with and now it’s time to create that attraction magic with levelled-up brand identity.

- STEP 04

Create that Winning Website.

No more nightmares about that embarrassing (or non-existent) website.  That’s soo last year.

- STEP 05

Grow that list, Lady Boss.

You deserve to have an email list full of leads that love & support your biz.

- STEP 06

Selling for Success

You don’t have a business if you’re not making money.

- STEP 07

Content that makes YOU Queen.

It’s time to learn how to blog like a boss and take your business and credibility to the next level.


Oh Hello There, Web Traffic!

Now let’s get as many eyeballs on your content and website as possible.

Start effortlessly growing

your business online today! 

TOTAL VALUE: $12,388


12 x $127

*Lifetime Access to Modules + on-Demand Courses
Available during Membership

*1-year Access to our Design Vault + Facebook Group
+ Coaching Calls



*Lifetime Access to Modules + on-Demand Courses
Available during Membership

*1-year Access to our Design Vault + Facebook Group
+ Coaching Calls

So, why do I need to join the Accelerator Right Now?

Because you’ll find all of the training, templates and support to create a wildly successful online business.

We don’t just throw a bunch of information at you, we show you the exact way.

You’ll end up with everything you need in place to successfully grow your business and bring in those 10k months.

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

1-Year Unlimited Access to
our Canva Templates.

We add at least two new template packs every month
and you get to download as many as you want, when you want!

There are over 1000 individual templates in our Canva Design Templates Shop that you have unlimited access to anytime you want.

Plus, our templates are extra special because we create them in matching collections – which means you save even more time.

Lifetime Access to these On-Demand Courses:

*Lifetime Access to the courses that are included at the time you purchase or added within your 1-year in the program.  This does not included courses added after your 1-year term.


The long term success of your business highly depends on the right branding and messaging!  With over 50+ Fully-editable branding Templates, 150 Fully-editable Logo Templates, and 6 Incredible Bonuses to take your brand to the next level starting now. 


It’s time to start growing your email list with qualified buyers and brand fans.  You’ll get our entire system and templates to start growing your email list intentionally with qualified leads that want to buy your product or service.

WordPress website academy ($2997 value)

Once you’re branding is on point, our WordPress Academy will hold your hand to level-up your website to match.  Even if you’re a total beginner with nothing setup, this course will help you get your beautiful website done in just 5-days.

PAID FROM PINTEREST academy ($1997 value)

If you’ve ever wondered how to get boat loads of organic traffic to your website on auto-pilot, this is the course for you.  We use Pinterest to drive hundreds of interested buyers to our website every day and will show you the strategy we use to help you do the same!

Sales on repeat academy ($4997 value)
COMING november 22nd

Wondering how to structure your business so you can make sales 365 days a year without working 365 days a year?  It’s time to plan your offers and develop your sales calendar in a way that’s repeatable and low stress.  Plus we’ll also help you map out all of your social posts so you’re never stuck not knowing what to post.

Start growing your business with strategy today! 

TOTAL VALUE: $12,388

Plus 3-4 New Stock Photo Collections Added Every Month!

Over 450+ Styled Stock Photos ready for you to use!

Johnna Kirk

I love everything. Especially the tutorials and training!

I started with Instant Brand Blueprint and added Boss in Business membership because I saw the incredible value I was getting and how it will help me set myself apart and create a brand and business I want to share!


Have we met?

I'm Tasha!

If you’re wondering why I started my own business, there were two reasons.

1. I needed a way to help support my family that didn’t involve me being out the house 7-9 hours a day.

2.  I had big money dreams and was willing to do whatever I had to, to make it happen.

I don’t have a degree in Online Business, I actually don’t have any degree.  But… I had the audacity to believe it was possible and here we are, 4 years later.

Over 1 Million in Sales, over 30,000 customers and clients and almost 500 Members.

That feels really freaking good, and exactly what I want for you.

So, if you're a mover, a shaker and totally ready to cut the shit and level up,

consider this your invitation.

Pick the option that's right for you!

payment plan

12 x $127

*Lifetime Access to Modules + on-Demand Courses
Available during Membership

*1-year Access to our Design Vault + Facebook Group
+ Coaching Calls



*Lifetime Access to Modules + on-Demand Courses
Available during Membership

*1-year Access to our Design Vault + Facebook Group
+ Coaching Calls

Answers to your questions!

Upon purchasing the Accelerator you will gain instant access to: 

  1. The Simple Set-up System™ (Lifetime Access) – The proven system to make sure you have the best year in business YET. 
  2. On-Demand Course Library (Lifetime Access to the courses that were included during your Membership) – I.E. The Instant Brand Blueprint, The Lead Magnet Blueprint, The 5-Day WordPress Website Academy + More!
  3. The Boss in Business Design Vault (1-Year Access) – Unlimited access to all of the assets you could possible need for your business. Plus, they’re designed by collection to make it THAT much easier and less overwhelming to use!
  4. The Boss in Business Collective (1-Year Access). – The best community of Lady bosses that will have your back and celebrate your wins!
  5. Group Coaching Calls (1-Year Access) – To help you move the needle forward in your business.

If you opt. for the pay-in-full option, this will also include a 1-Hour 1-1 Strategy Call with Tasha to chat all things in YOUR business and set you up for success. 

The total pay-in-full investment for The Boss in Business Accelerator is $1297 USD


You can opt. for a payment option at 12 x $127 USD (total investment = $1,524 USD). 

While our templates and stock photos can be used for any type of business, our trainings are best geared towards coaches, consultants, course creators and service providers!

Payment for the Accelerator is either the Pay-In-Full option OR the split pay option. 

If you opt. for split pay, you are committed to all 5 payments!

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