intentional offers in your business
with an aligned, simplified and optimized value ladder?

It’s the secret sauce to keeping you on track and making you more money, all while creating more freedom for yourself and your business.

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Does this sound like you?

You know all the big plans of what you want out of your business, but you can’t seem to get there on your own.  You’re sick of always chasing or trying to create the next offer and you’re soo needing the stability of a well designed value ladder and sales strategy.

You know that your business could be way more simple and strategic, and you’re craving a ton more work life balance. I mean, realistically, seeing those adorable little faces more is why you created your business in the first place.

Now what if instead you could...

Because you have a strategic value ladder + sales system that effortlessly brings in new clients, no matter their price point.

When you make it easy for people to buy from  you, beyond 1-1 services, you’ll increase your sales and your revenue exponentially.

Having a value ladder and funnel that’s working for you, means you get to pick when and who you want to work with on a 1-1 basis.

That’s exactly what happens when you have a business that’s working for you, instead of you feeling like you’re always chained to your desk.

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Intentional Offers

Our exclusive program that is proven to help you organize and optimize your offers, bring in more leads and help you sell on auto-pilot.

What You'll Learn

Our Exclusive Sales on Repeat System™ features four phases, perfectly designed to help you organize + optimize your value ladder, create irresistible offers, bring in more leads and learn how to sell in your business with total confidence!

The Sales on Repeat System™

VALUE: $7,997


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Lesson 3


I completed the SORS Phases and after a little kick in the butt to get going last week 😂 I buckled down this weekend and launched my first digital product in my value ladder TODAY! The nerves and pit in the stomach as I hit publish were real but I am so excited, I’ve already made 4 sales today and I’m thrilled!

Gone are the days where I need to spend all my time serving clients 1-1!

— Jenn P. | Social Solution Studio

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Intentional Offers

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Join today for the early bird Price: $297 $97

The New Course drops on Nov. 8th, 2022.

Hi, I'm Tasha!

I know how hard it can be to create a successful business.

From the moment I started my business, my number one goal was to create income streams that didn’t only rely on me trading time for money.

As a mom of one at the time, and another soon to be on the way, my time was limited and therefore I needed to be really strategic.

I became relentless in learning and optimizing systems, my value ladder and an overall business strategy that supported my goals.

And because of that focus, I was able to create a million dollar business in just under 4 years.

Now it’s my turn to show you how to do the same and move beyond your 1-1 services with a value ladder and business that works for you!









Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Program Start and how do I get access?

You will get access to the new course on Nov. 8th, 2022 when we push the content live.

The program is a new iteration of our Previous Phase 1  inside of the Sales on Repeat Society.

What if I have questions or need support during the program?

This is why we offer access to our Facebook Group if you have questions or need support.

We also give you the chance to book in personalized coaching time with Tasha.  This offer is not available to the public and only to students of our courses.

How long do I have access to the program for?

You will have lifetime access to the course content and any updates that we add in the future.

What type of business is this course best for?

The intentional Offers Blueprint is best suited to online coaches, consultants and service providers who want to offer more than just 1-1 services.

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about our Sales on Repeat Society. You can email us directly at and we’ll return the response within 24 business hours.

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