7 ways to increase your Facebook post engagement

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7 ways to increase your Facebook post engagement

This is probably the number one issue that plagues people with posting to their Facebook Business Page.  Like how do you actually freaking increase your Facebook Post Engagement without whipping out that credit card.

Here’s the scenario: You take the time to create this great post, publish it and then you get 3 whole likes…. seriously WTF.

You know there are people that would benefit from your content and what you have to offer but nobody seems to care.

The good news is, that they probably do care, or would care if they actually saw your post that is.  Most people have not.

So what can you do about that?

How can you get your content in front of more people organically and how do you get them to interact more with your content once they do see it?

Here are 7 suggestions for you to increase your Facebook post engagement.  These suggestions work, I promise you that but like all good things, it takes time. 

Don’t expect to see 1000 likes and comments tomorrow. This is all about building relationships which is a process.

Brand fans aren’t made out of one night stands.  They need to be nurtured, given value and know they can count on you.

So let’s have it, here are the 7 ways you can increase your Facebook post engagement.

1. Ask for feedback

Yes I know this one sounds probably too simple.  and it is.  But let’s talk about why!

Most business owners are just constantly shoving product, services or content down their potential customers throats.  I’m being harsh here, check your ratios.

How many of your posts are about you, your products, your services or your content?

If you want to build engagement, you need people to feel invested in your brand and business.

Don’t just ask a question, take their advice and move on.

Do something with it.  Develop that piece of content they were interested in and tag them in it when you post it, thank them, tell them that this one is for them.

It’s even better if multiple people had a similar answer and you tag all of them (don’t spam them every time).

How special would you feel if a brand did that for you?

So the lesson here, ask a question, do something with the answer and follow up!

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2. Post when your fans will see it

I’ll be honest here, I was completely OBLIVIOUS to checking my page stats.

Which is totally ridiculous because I’m on my Google Analytics all the time!

Have you ever checked yours?  Did you know your stats can tell you when your audience is most engaged with your content.


So let me walk you through how you can check when the best time to post your most valuable content is.

Go to you Facebook Page and select “Insights” at the top

Once you are in your insights, go to “posts” on the left hand side.

Increase your Facebook Post Engagement 2

Now you can see which time of the day your audience is most active with your posts!

For mine, it’s 11 am and 3 pm. Now that’s not to say I can’t post anything else at any other time but I want to post my best stuff at or around those times!

Increase your Facebook Post Engagement 3

So find out when your most engaged times are and make a plan!

3. Answer every comment with a comment

So we know from the Day 1 Post in this series that Facebook’s main goal is to encourage meaningful interactions.

That means the more comments a post gets the higher Facebook will rank it as a meaningful interaction and show it more people.

Chances are that the more people that see it, the more comments you will get and so on.  I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

So.  Every single time a person comments on your post, post back, ask them a question, give them a reason to answer back again!

Don’t just say thank you and move on.

4. Don't be selfish, share related content.

Remember my comment earlier about showing your content down your readers throat, well this will help with that!

Find content from other blogger’s, businesses or brands that relate to your niche and post about them.

Don’t be afraid that people will decide to look at the content you posted instead of yours.  Instead they will see you as a resource who will willing to share content that adds value to your audience!

Also make sure to tag the source of the content.

For one you don’t want to misrepresent and make it look like your content!

Also, their followers will see you tagged them and you can earn some brownie points down the road that could help you land a guest post or even a sponsored post!

5. Include a call to action in every post

We talked about your Call to Action button in yesterday’s post and why it’s important.

It only makes sense that you also include them in your posts.

So you posted something, now what do you want the people that read the post to do about it?

Do you want them to share it, sign up for something, download something or buy something?  Let them know, NEVER assume they know what they are supposed to do.

I’m trying to say that people are stupid.  But with the overload of information they are getting on Social Media, that little extra reminder of what’s next can go a long way!

6. Give them a laugh (or make them cry...)

Do you know what the number one thing is I share on Facebook? Touchy feely posts and videos about being a mom that literally make me cry.

I will share those ALL. DAY. LONG!

Now that niche might now relate to your business but what I’m trying to say is break up the biz talk.  You’ve got your biz content, other people’s related biz content, now give your peeps a laugh or a cry on a related topic to your industry.

It shows your human.  The best part is that those are exactly the types of posts that get shared and commented on, over and over and over!

7. Target your Newsfeed Audience - FOR FREE!

There is a reason I left this for last.

Because I’m hoping to BLOW YOUR FREAKING MIND!

You can actually target your newsfeed posts for free.  You can tell Facebook EXACTLY who you want that post shown to.

Did you know about this?  Because I sure as hell did not.  And to be honest, I felt a little betrayed.

Now if your worried about it not showing up in front of your family and friends (because they are usually the only ones who like your posts), don’t worry.  Just share the most important posts to your personal profile.

You won’t be spamming anyone because you won’t do it EVERY time but you’ll still get the benefit or friends and family support likes when you need them.

Alright, so here’s how you target your posts for FREE.

Go to your Business Page and create a post like you normally would but before you hit “publish” select the “public” option and then select “news feed targeting”.

Increase your Facebook Post Engagement 4

Now go through and select all of the information that relates to your niche, audience and that piece of content.

Once you have done that, simply select “save” and then publish your content.

Now at least you know that anyone that does see your content will be a lot more likely to do something with it!

Now go and increase your Facebook Post Engagement!

You now have quite a few extra ways that you can increase your Facebook post engagement and I hope you take advantage.

Were any of these a big surprise to you?  If so, I definitely want to know in the comments below!

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