Frequently Asked Questions

Design Membership

Due to the nature of the digital products, there are no refunds available. You are able to cancel at any time on any of the subscription plans through your account or by getting in contact with us.

  1. The Canva Template Vault.
  2. Styled Stock Photo Library.
  3. Elementor + WordPress Templates.
  4. LBS Digital Planner.
  5. Planners + Printables.
  6. Video tutorials and bonuses to help elevate your brand. presence.

Depending on which subscription plan you purchase for the Design Membership will determine how long you have access! If you continue to renew, you can have access forever! We add new templates and photos every month. So there’s always new assets for you!

WordPress Website Academy

If you’re using a different hosting service OTHER than siteground, it’s likely a php problem! (Has to do with the upload size of the kit). If you get this error, close it out, go into your templates to see if any parts of it were uploaded and delete those. THEN, get into contact with your hosting service (bluehost, godaddy, hostgator, etc.) and please ask them to increase your php. It normally needs to go to the max available! After they do that, try uploading (give it a few minutes after they’ve said they increased it, but keep them on the chat!). This should do the trick. If it’s still not working, please contact us! 

Instant Brand Blueprint

You will receive your login details shortly after you purchase. Make sure to keep an eye on your junk mail / spam!

If you do not receive an email within 15-20 minutes, please reach out at, so we can help you gain access!

Canva is an online design tool that was made with the non-designer in mind. Canva does offer a free version that you can sign up for immediately. Some of the fonts we’ve chosen are only free with the Canva Pro subscription. You can still try out and play around with the fonts, even if you don’t have the Pro subscription. If you do decide you want to use a logo with Premium fonts, you can always sign up for Canva’s free 30-day Pro trial!

Yes! There is no recurring payment with the Instant Brand Blueprint. It is a one time fee. 

The purchase of the Instant Brand Blueprint is for personal use only. 

You are free to create a logo for your own business. 

You will not be able to create logos for customers / clients or distribute the templates in any form.

If you would like to create logos for your clients, you can purchase our Commercial License for $197. If you are interested in purchasing a commercial license, you can reach out to us at 

Some of the Logo Templates were created using Canva Pro Fonts. 

Therefore, if you do not have Canva Pro, you will need to purchase the font directly through Canva or swap it out for a free font. 

Canva offers a 30 day free trial of Canva Pro that we always recommend customers utilize which would enable you to download your logo at no additional cost and with a transparent background (a feature that is only available with Canva Pro, otherwise your logo will be downloaded with a white background).

All of the Logo Templates included were designed by us, and therefore they can not be found anywhere in Canva. 

Along with the 50+ Logo Trios, you also receive corresponding color palettes, font pairings, and a mood board for each design – all of which can be mixed and matched or edited to your liking. 

The Instant Brand Blueprint also contains 300+ custom made elements to use in your designs, Business Card Templates, and a Full Branding Workbook to develop your Business Branding.

Along with the 50+ Logo Trios, you also receive corresponding color palettes, font pairings, and a mood board for each design – all of which can be mixed and matched or edited to your liking. 

The Instant Brand Blueprint also contains 300+ custom made elements to use in your designs, Business Card Templates, and a Full Branding Workbook to develop your business branding. 

If you are looking to create more cohesive overall business branding, this would be a great option for you!

That’s EXACTLY why I created the tutorial videos that support you even as a total newbie. You can also choose how much you want to customize the logos. You could even just switch out the biz name and keep everything else the same if you find one that works!

Yes, all of the fonts, colors, images, and text can be fully edited in Canva to suit your business branding.

Upon purchasing the Instant Brand Blueprint, you will receive access to 50+ templates that you can edit and customize in Canva. You will also receive a number of video tutorials, access to our private Facebook Group, and of course, we can always be reached via email for additional support.

In the initial tutorial within the Instant Brand Blueprint, we teach you how to export your finished designs at the 11 minute mark! 

You can find the tutorial under lesson card number one “Canva Logo & Branding Templates”.

The metallic color we include in some of our templates is a swatch texture and not an actual color. In the “Bonus: Canva Logo Elements Pack”, we include 2 tutorials that will help you use the swatches we’ve included to help you manipulate them over elements and text. 

If you want to grab a color that is close to the metallic texture, you can go to coolors to grab a hexcode that you can then add to your brand kit!

Within the Instant Brand Blueprint we have included some bonuses and freebies, but have set it up in a course format for a better user experience! 

You can find the “Build Your Brand Workbook” under, “Bonus: Workbooks + Business Name Cheat Sheet”.

Within each program, we’ve set you up for success. Depending on what you’re doing, there are tutorials that will help you through the specific task asked of you! However, if those tutorials are not enough, please feel free to contact our support team at: OR pop into our Facebook group!

Lady Boss Studio Shop Templates

You do not need a Canva Pro account! While a premium subscription does allow access to more photos and free elements, none of the templates require it!

As most of our photos are obtained from Haute Stock, we do not have the right to include these images in our templates!

If stock photos have been included, it is because they are straight from canva and can either be used with a free subscription or pro subscription. (This will be noted in the description for the product).

Everything is completely customizable! Play around with the elements to create a brand that is uniquely yours!

We do our best to use free fonts in all our templates! Should a template require a premium font, it will say so in the description of the product. The free font download link will be provided to you when you purchase!

Once a purchase is complete, you’ll get instant access to a PDF document that includes direct links to your awesome Canva templates!

** Please reference page 4 of the PDF for the actual template links **

Yes, you can create finished products to sell such as eBooks, Workbooks, and Planners! However, you are not able to redistribute the templates in any way or use your templates for client work.

No, templates are for personal use only!

Due to the nature of digital downloads, we are not able to offer refunds. If you purchase the wrong template by mistake, please reach out as soon as possible so that we can help!

Brand Kits include Logos and other web elements that are downloaded as images. Therefore, they can be uploaded to any website that allows you to change branding features.

If you have a Canva Pro subscription, you will be able to upload and use your own fonts!

Yes! As long as it is for personal use, you can reuse a template as many times as you want!


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My Secret-Sauce Checklist for Launching an Irresistible Lead Magnet

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