Make a Facebook Video without actually making a Video

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Make a Facebook Video without actually making a Video

If you are like me, the thought of stepping in front of the camera to do a Facebook video is not only terrifying but also brings up a whole wack of insecurities…

You might not even be a fan of having your picture taken, so you’re probably not going to want to take videos or even worse, do a Facebook live!  Yikes!

Unfortunately though, we also know that Facebook is placing it’s highest emphasis on videos and that’s going to almost guarantee that your content shows up in front of more people.

So what the hell are you supposed to do.

I did nothing… for a long time… until I figured out a simple “trick” to still allow me to do video but to also stay in my comfort zone.

Before I give you the info though, I just want to add something important.

I fully plan to work my way up to live videos.  Staying in your comfort zone will never help you take your business to the next level or achieve your dreams.

If you want big level success you need to have big level kahunas.

So at some point, I’m going to have to put my big girl pants on and do the stupid videos and you will too.  Use this trick for now but don’t use as a means to stay forever complacent in your business.

Okay, let’s hop to it!

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Use Facebook Slideshow to make a Facebook Video

Did you know that could make a slideshow “video” right in Facebook and add music to it in about 3 minutes.

Yup. that simple.

Here is what I did with yesterdays tips to quickly turn it into a video and gain more traction.

In a few minutes I had my very Facebook Video that will rank higher with Facebook but is also more likely to capture the attention of my audience!

Now, I did need to make a few extra photos to put into the slideshow but I’m pretty sure it’s totally worth it!

Do you agree?

Now I’m sure you want to know to quickly make this happen for you, so I’ve outlined the steps!

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Facebook Video Slideshow Step One

Make sure you are on your Facebook Business Page.  This is the only place you can create the slideshow.  You can’ create them on your personal page or group page.

Don’t worry, I have a solution if you do want to also share them in those place as well.  You will also be able to add them Instagram too for the double effect!  

On your business page, go to your feed where you would create a new post and click on the “Photo/Video” button.

Make a Facebook Video 1

Next, select the third option on the list “Create Slideshow”.  

Please note that it says you can use up to 10 images.

Make a Facebook Video 2

Facebook Video Slideshow Step Two

Now that you are in the slideshow editor, you have a few options to choose from.

First is the aspect ratio.  My suggestion is to go with square so you can then pop it right onto Instagram without have to make any changes!

Efficiency is everything.

Then you need to pick your image duration.  I personally like 3 seconds, not too long and not too short.  Plus, your audience can always pause the video if they want to spend more time on a slide.

Next up is how you want the images to transition.  You can either fade them or not.  This will just depend on the images and what looks best.

Facebook Video Slideshow Step Three

It’s picture time!

Select either the blue “Add Photos” button or the square with the “Plus Symbol” at the bottom.  

Remember you can select up to 10 photos.

Your first slide should introduce what’s coming and your last slide should be a call to action to tell people what to do after they watched the video. 

Don’t assume people will read the included text below the video.

You can also rearrange the slides so don’t stress too much about adding them in order.

Once all of your photos have been added, it’s on to music!

Make a Facebook Video 4

Facebook Video Slideshow Step Four

Facebook has done a great job of providing you with a small collection of music with different styles for your Facebook Video.

You will need to click the “Music” tab on the top left to pick your track.

Make a Facebook Video 5

You can also select any of the icons to only see tracks from a specific style.

In case you are wondering, my favorites are Workday and Happy Zone.  I love how upbeat they are.

You can also upload your own tracks but please be sure you have the rights to use the track you upload.

Once you have added your music, go ahead and select the “Play” button on the video to see it before you publish it.

You won’t be able to make changes to the video once it’s live!

Facebook Video Slideshow Step Five

Now that you have gone through the 4 steps, it’s time to publish your first video!!

It will take a few minutes to render your Facebook Video, so don’t get all antsy pants and refresh the page right away.

I usually get an email from Facebook letting me know that my video is live.

Please also take advantage of our post from yesterday and target your audience for FREE.

You can now also share the video to your own timeline or to your group.

Another option is to download the Facebook video and create a new post on Facebook or upload it to Instagram for double impact.

Let’s cover how to do that.

Download and Re-Use your Facebook Video

Just because you created it in Facebook, doesn’t mean it’s stuck there!

Learn how to download and use the Facebook video on places like your website, Instagram and Twitter.

Once you see the video in your Business Page’s post feed, click on it so it brings it up on it’s own.

Select the three “dots” on the bottom right hand side.

Make a Facebook Video 6

Download the video to your computer and you can then upload wherever you want!

Isn’t that soo damn exciting!!!

Okay so here’s the deal!

If you use this tutorial to make a video, I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW ABOUT IT!!!

Please leave me the link in the comments so I can check it out!

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