Month: April 2019

How to Write Your First Blog Post

Write Your First Blog Post Like a Pro! It’s great to want to blog to increase your web traffic and establish yourself as a pro in your niche, but it’s all pointless if nobody reads it or if it’s not done right. Blogging had a massive impact on selling out my services when I was […]

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Simple Tricks to Maximize Blog Traffic!

What Your Blog Needs Right Now to Maximize Traffic Good for you!  You recognize how important Blog Traffic is and you want to know everything you can do to keep things on the up curve! I was incredibly guilty of this at the beginning; I just wanted to continue to create new content and wasn’t […]

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6 Ways To Keep Readers On Your Blog Longer

How to Keep Readers on Your Blog Longer So you want to keep readers on your blog longer… that makes two of us and it’s why I have been doing as much research as possible to try and make this happen. Why do we want to keep readers on our blog for longer?  Well for […]

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